All the people who voted for PM Modi and eagerly awaiting his 3-year Report Card, here’s what you need to know

3 Years of Narendra Modi Government in Power Sector

India’s world rank in power accessibility,
2014- 99
2017- 26

India’s installed power capacity,
2014- 243 Gigawatts
2017- 320 Gigawatts
You can see addition of 77 GW which is just 1/3 of Energy capacity  produced post independent in 3 years.

Over all energy shortage,
2014- 4.2%
2017- 0.7%

23.71 crore LED Distributed, 10 crore LED contracted to brighten Britain. We become Country with 14% LED share of World consumption from 0.7% in 2014.

57 GW of Energy in Renewables with Solar crossing 11GW currently and about to cross 20GW end of this year.

8% less amount of Coal now India use less to produce same amount of Thermal Energy because of Efficient Coal as Piyush Goyal ordered proper Technology upgradation.

Street Lights to Vehicles All are getting electric and that too energy efficient.

13,528 out of 18452 villages have been electrified.

3 years of Narendra Modi Government in Oil and Gas Sector

1. LPG Gas Distribution
2004-2014 (10 Years) – 5.31 crore
2014-2017 (3 years) – 6.9 crore out of which 2.1 crore for BPL Women free of cost in exchange of People who left their subsidy.

2. Due to Clean Fuel Drive, Kerosene consumption decreased by 21% compared to last year from 6.7 million tonnes to 5.3 million tonnes and LPG consumption rise by 9.8% to 21.5 million tonnes .

3. Coverage of LPG is whopping 78% of population.

4. Gas Grid Projects in Eastern Region of Nation and Emergency Reservoir of Petrol and Diesel are two Big Mega Infrastructure which has started. Majority of Reservoirs are already created.

5. Bio Ethanol Usage has increased significantly as Government allowed its blending with Petrol and also Transportation is adopting Bio Ethanol in Big Way.

6. Big Infrastructure like Paradip Refinery and Gujarat Refinery is just icing on the cake.

3 Years of Narendra Modi Government in Roads and Infrastructure

1. Rural Roads
2011-2014  – 81,095 KMs
2014-2017 – 1,22,233 KMs

2. Highways, Bridges and Underpass Construction at rapid pace. It’s now crossed 18 KM per day

3. Two Giant Projects – BharatMala (Connecting West of Nation – Gujarat to North East – Arunachal ) by pearls of Highways and Expressways.
SagarMala – Connecting all Coastal Region through Coastal Roads – Its from Gujarat to Bengal covering the complete Coastal Region. In this project Large number of Ports and Water ways Projects are also there.

These Two Projects are running in full scale speed.

3 years of Narendra Modi Government in improving Sanitation
1. Sanitation Coverage jumped sharply from 42% till 2014 to 64% in 2017.

2. Annual Toilet Construction Speed during Congress was 49.75 lakhs (2013-2014) and its 2.09 crore in 2016-2017.

3. Total Toilet Construction has crossed 7 crore with 100% (Over 4 lakh School Toilet Construction )Schools having separate Toilets for Boys and Girls which was promised in Independence Day.

3. 500 Cities are being monitored and tracked for Cleanliness. At the end they get rankings too. Huge Number of Sewage Projects are running in Various Cities under AMRUT Program.

4. Cleanliness Drive have become Mass Movement from Railway Stations to Beeches to Parks and Public Tourists Spots are now much more well maintained than ever before. Swachhta Abhiyan is now a Mass Movement.

3 years of Narendra Modi Government in making Digital India

1. Number of Digital Transactions – 254.5 crore  in 2013-2014 It’s now 866 crore in 2016-2017

2. Optical Fibre Network
Pre 2014 – 358 KM
After 3 years – 2,05,404 KM

3. All Procurement is now Online, All Projects are now Online.

4. All DBT is now online and money gets transferred into Bank Account directly and it can be tracked Online. 84 Government Programs are now Online.

5. Digital Lockers are launched for the people to safeguard the document from theft and People can show it and No need to Photo State.

6. All Central Ministry and even their attendance is Online.

7. Platforms like MyGov Started to digitally Unite People from Government. Apps like Narendra Modi App is there to directly interact with PM. Many Mobile Apps in each Ministry is launched for People welfare. Example – BHIM App, Garv App, Surya Mitra App, Seva App, Urja App, Women Safety App, Cleanliness App etc.

3 years of Narendra Modi Government in Agriculture and For Welfare of Farmers

1. Green Revolution
8.67% Rise in Food Grain Output from Last Year
2015-2016 – 251.57 million tonnes
2016-2017 – 273.38 million tonnes

2. Blue Revolution
6.34% Growth in Fishing Industry between 2011-2014 – Congress Era
20.1% Growth in Fishing Industry 2014-2017 – Modi Era

3. White Revolution
In comparison to 2011-2014 Dairy Productions increased by 16.9% in 2014-2017.

4. Soil Health Card
7.43 crore Soil Health Cards have been distributed for better health check of Soil. 2.80 crore Soil Samples have been Tested in Soil Labs for Better and Optimal Use of Fertilizers and For Maximum Output

5. National Crop Insurance  for Farmers
4.01 crore Farmers brought under National Crop Insurance in comparison to 2.09 crore in 2013. In 2013 Sum insured for Farmers was 49,454 crore and In 2017 Its whopping 1,35,190 crore.

6. ENAM (National Agriculture Market ) has been launched for Farmers where Farmer can earn more by the process of Transparent Bidding and can sell to any Mandi across Nation. Over 200 Mandi Joined till now and 585 Mandis will join hands till end of March 2018. 75 lakh per Mandi support amount is sanctioned.

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