Why Do We Allow Our Nation and Army to be Disrespected?

Over the past three years, it has become a trend in our country to disrespect our land, to abuse our army. Doing so gives some people more popularity than if someone stands up for the nation or, even dies for the country. But why is this happening so frequently, and why isn’t there the level of outrage seen that these anti-national acts deserve? Let’s see.

Some forces in the country who’d become politically irrelevant after 2014 did their best to undermine Prime Minister Modi during the early phase of his tenure. We all remember the 10-lakh suit lie started by a certain journalist; the constant reminders to people by political parties that their bank accounts hadn’t been credited with 15-lakh rupees as ‘promised’; and a host of other lies thatwere propagated meant to somehow fool people into disliking the Modi government. When nothing worked, the attention turned toward using the Army and the country as a means to incite emotions against Prime Minister Modi. The start to this was the JNU episode.

A few anti-nationals like Kanhaiya and Umar Khalid chanted anti-India slogans and hailed terrorists in JNU. As expected, the reaction to this was to stomp down on these people. Kanhaiya was even arrested. As was pre-planned, some politicians hailed these traitors and their chants as ‘freedom of speech’. They began saying that freedom of speech was being hampered by the government. This began a series of incidents where abusing the nation and the army became a fashion.

The announcement of the surgical strikes by the DGMO was followed by many parties openly questioning the authenticity of the word of the DGMO and thereby abusing the valor that our soldiers had displayed.

Recently, Sanjay Nirupam equated the army chief with a ‘sadak ka gunda’. The most recent incident is that of a Congress meeting where the national anthem was disrespected as the party members were all seated while singing it.

Yogi Adityanath made it mandatory for madarsas in Uttar Pradesh to hoist the tricolor and chant the national anthem. Yet, many are opposing the singing of the national anthem.

We then have the Mamata Banerjee government releasing a circular instructing schools to stop celebrating the Independence Day in the manner in which it’s suggested by the central government.

There are more such cases that are primarily highlighted on social media wherein people – particularly journalists – have become disrespectful toward the nation and the army in the expectation that it’ll further whatever their clandestine agenda is.

One such incident was when journalists openly questioned General Rawat’s statement where he said that anyone who acts as a hindrance to army ops in Kashmir will be considered as abettors of terrorism and will face consequences. One person even compared him to General Dyer.

But why do we, as Indians, tolerate this utter crap? You can say whatever you wish to against the BJP because that is politics. But to target the nation and the army should not be acceptable by any means!

We’ve reached the point where martyrdom of soldiers is celebrated in some circles because it acts as a medium to target the government. National security has become a joke for these people who’ve very rapidly progressed from being anti-Modi to being anti-army and anti-India.

Singing VandeMataram is colored saffron. Hoisting the tricolor has somehow come to represent hyper-nationalism. Anything nationalist and patriotic is seen through the prism of politics. This is obviously a deed of certain political parties and the media, but sadly, even we have also gotten used to it.

It has reached such a point where news of someone disrespecting the army doesn’t pain majority of people. As it is, we were quite apathetic toward our soldiers, and now the situation is such that the disrespect of our soldiers isn’t drawing our ire as it should.

Our nation and the army should come above everything else for us. We must remember those who abuse it and teach them a lesson. Stop voting for parties who don’t respect our flag and soldiers. Stop watching those channels or reading those journalists who do the same.

A juvenile is jailed for a Facebook post but anti-nationals shouting slogans advocating breaking of India not only go scot-free, but they also become darlings of political parties and the media. This is the situation of our nation as there isn’t any law against sedition. When such is the reality, it is we who must stand up and punish those who disrespect our nation and our soldiers by boycotting them or their works or their products. The last thing we can afford is to let abuse of our motherland and our soldiers become daily events in our lives that don’t even attract a minute of our thoughts.

Remember – Our primary identity is that of being an Indian. If you go abroad, people don’t ask whether you’re Buddhist or Hindu or Jain or Christian, they ask which country you hail from. That becomes our identity in their eyes. And this identity of ours is preserved by our soldiers. If they don’t do what they do, we’d cease to exist as a nation. So, our foremost responsibility is toward our flag and those who give their life to ensure that that flag keeps flying high

Let’s not become used to this anti-national nonsense. Let’s stop tolerating it. Let’s start raising our voice against it. Jai Hind!

Vinayak Jain