Allows jihadists to chant anti India slogans, but will not allow RSS event in West Bengal…This is Mamata Banerjee!!!

Looks like the Mamata Banerjee government in West Bengal is worried about the growth of RSS and BJP. She has been reacting very hastily denying permission to RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s speech which was scheduled in October.

The RSS had booked a government building in which Mohan Bhagwat was suppose to address the gathering in October. But the state government has suddenly cancelled the permission given earlier. The authorities at Mahajati Sadan, a prominent auditorium in Kolkata, have informed verbally that they have denied permission to RSS event quoting it would create communal rift.

The Mamata Banerjee government which is going over board to appease Muslim vote banks has literally divided the society neglecting the Hindus to the core. She has gone to the extent of supporting terror supporters and ant social elements just to keep her vote bank safe leading to serious National security issues.

Mamata Banerjee has no problem letting criminals and goons of certain community go rampage against Hindus attacking their homes, destroying their property and torching police station of fire. But has problems if RSS people wants to host an event in West Bengal. It was the same lady who denied permission for Durga pooja during Muharram claiming it will hinder Muharram procession. The Culcutta High court had even slammed Mamata Banerjee earlier for restricting Hindu festivals just to appease her vote banks.

It is not the first time Mamata Banerjee has opposed BJP-RSS event in West Bengal, even during January 2017, the West Bengal government denied permission to RSS rally which irked many supporters. Even then, the Calcutta High Court, allowed Mohan Bhagwat to hold the rally at Kolkata’s Brigade Parade Ground, slamming the Mamata Banerjee government.

Now again she has made the same mistake of denying permission to RSS event which will cause massive uproar and only help RSS-BJP to gain more strength. RSS is being only blocked by Congress, left and TMC in Karnataka, Kerala and West Bengal….why?!

These people who use big slogans on Freedom of Speech and expression have no problem when terrorists chant anti India slogans but want to block RSS which chants pro India slogans.

It is only time people realise to what extent their appeasement politics is heading, encouraging terrorists and their agents!!!

Aishwarya S


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