Amazing Facts: No God is greater than “Mother” & No Land better than “Motherland”

Salutations to “Maa & Janmabhoomi”

Naannodakasamam Daanam Na Tithidwvaardashee Samaa,

Na Gaayaattrayaah Paro Mantro Na Maatrudaivatam Param

No Gift is better than the gift of cereal and water, no date is better than Dwadashi (the Twelfth day of the Lunar calendar): No Mantra is greater than the Gayatri—Mantra and No God is greater than Mother.

This Article will be dedicated to my Mother & My Motherland where I was born, BHARAT, and feel so proud to say that I am born in this soil, this soil has given me my family, friends, career, prosperity, and most importantly an identity where I proudly call myself as Bharatiya, Hindustani, Indian. As I have travelled across lengths & breadth of India, found Unity in diversity, though born in South Indian Brahmin family travelled across all parts of India &celebrateall festivals with great zeal and zest, and I have to say here: the preachings of Bhagwad Gita is “Vasudaiva Kutumbakkam”. Many People have asked me from which state you come from, I immediately say that I am an Indian. In our schools, we were taught about our Motherland, History of Great Indus valley civilization, and, we studied about History, about our Freedom fighters like great Bhagat Singh, Chandrasekhar Azad, Bal Gangadhar Tilak and many other great freedom Fighters who fought for freedom from colonial rule of British.

So many Battles have been fought, many lives were sacrificed for the sake of freedom of our Nation, when I came to my college I participated in many debates where we spoke at length about our civilization, history, and took part in student Activities, but never shouted a slogan “Azaadi”. Now I am hearing “Azaadi” with a different attribution. You all would have guessed by now what I am trying to highlight.

My heart bleeds being an Academician I have to share these moments, and the word “Azaadi” has been given totally a different narrative.Yes, let me take you to details of JNU Protests—From 2016—2017.

The Protest which happened in 2016 was against the arrest of Kanhaiya Kumar, the President of JNU students Union. He was charged with sedition. Why?

The students were found celebrating “Afzal Guru “day to pay homage to a terrorist who attacked the Parliament of India trying to make him a hero. And to my dismay we find that they were shouting Anti-India slogans. What an irony of the situation, that these students couldn’t find a single other reason for celebration in India, or make an issue of. I am appalled to see students trying to say Afzal Guru was hanged wrongly? What’s the Proof? Do they mean to say that they are against death penalty. The Fact – Afzal Guru was hanged in 2013.

Nothing great, it was just these students were backed by Communist forces in India. As we find that JNU the hub of Leftist movement throughout. They are always known for protesting without doing anything for the Society. Their only Aim & Goal is to “Protest against the Existing Government”. There are many questions which crop up to my mind like- Why they spend so many years living in subsidized campus for years together utilising Government facilities, and get a chance to celebrate a Terrorist. What’s their Agenda- only terrorist & separatist are the ones whose voice these people want to become. I wonder now the rest of Nation feels no sympathy for their so-called issues.

What I found most amusing was that many of them threatened to return their degrees, Awards, etc. The same was visible in FTII protests. All these endless protests in the wake of nothing had some or other communist organization at the background. I would also say that no IIT’s/IIM’s indulging in any form of protestsin front of Cameras over ridiculous issues. They also have the audacity to call it as “Emergency Situation”. I asked then also and now after one year when Umar Khalid was invited for a discussion though he faces sedition charges, can’t they celebrate those Leaders who were jailed during the times of Emergency, unfortunately most of them are in BJP.

Freedom of Expression –

“In India, the Constitution guarantees free speech but not the right to offend. A look at what has constrained and qualified that right, through a Law, Precedent and Politics. Article 19(1) (a), of the Constitution makes the” right to Freedom of Speech and Expression” a Fundamental right”.

This Freedom of Speech too has reasonable restrictions. The sovereignty and integrity of India, Security of the state, Public order, and incitement of an offense to name a few reasonable restrictions.

What I find shocking is that this Freedom of Speech we have because someone is sitting on the Border, someone is sitting on the Siachen Glacier devoting his life to the service of the Nation so that we can have our Freedoms and exercise them. Why don’t we remember our unsung heroes who lay their life for our Nation protecting our Borders and facing all severity of the situation.

Now this is shocking as well as amusing to me – Delhi University’s Ramjas college on Feb 22nd,2017, witnessed the clashes between RSS-backed ABVP, and Left—affiliated AISA, over cancellation of a seminar invite to JNU students Umar Khalid & Sheila Rashid terming them Anti—Nationals. In lieu of this situation, the college Authorities had to withdraw the invitation to Khalid, who was charged with sedition in 2016, and Sheila was the face of the movement demanding release of the students arrested in that case. This is the situation in JNU this year too. Umar Khalid was invited to speak on a subject related to his P.hd, which he is doing from JNU. Khalid, a former member of the Ultra- radical (DSU) Democratic students Union, who was arrested last year on charges of sedition for his role in organizing a rally at JNU to commemorate the anniversary of the execution of 2001 Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru.

As I Conclude my Article that being an Academician for these many years spent most of my time in Madras & Hyderabad Universities never seen such ridiculous events of sloganeering on Anti- Nationalism. I agree Universities and other Educational Institutions offer a platform for Discussion, Debates & Dissent, but never seen Universities turn into battlefields & start shouting slogans of “Kashmir Maange Azaadi”, these students are future torch bearers of our Nation, many of them might become Political Administrators, I feel ashamed and also petrified what will happen if they do so? The answer is that Kashmir is an Integral part of India, there will be no Disintegration of states in India any more, No more “Tukde”.

Hereafter, there will be only one Policy, only one Mission, Only One Vision—

One Nation One Tax, One Nation One Law, One Nation One Election

We are all Hindustani starting Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

Bharat Mata Ki Jai

Dr. Sukanya Iyer


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