Amazing Insights: Why in Hindu tradition we are told to wake up early?

Dr.S. Sukanya Iyer

As I pen down this Article, I feel energized & rejuvenated, when we say waking up 4AM is the most productive hour of the day. Being a South Indian, My day usually starts with Suprabatham of Lord Venkateshwara “Kaushalya Supraja Ramapurva Sandhya Pravartate, Uthishtha Uthishtha., the meaning is – we start the day with Lord Vishnu in his various Avatars, Rama son of kaushalya,waking him up Mantras, which is a ritual in Southern parts of India & sipping the Filter coffee, which is so blissful in Life, which I had been doing all my life, though over the years instead of Filter Coffee I have evolved myself into fitness regime of having Green Tea & Yoga.

Why do we need to Wake Up Early in Morning Hours?

This is Brahmamuhurtha which is extremely favourable for Meditation & other spiritual exercises. And I start my early hours of day with Asana—Sitting on Padmaasana, Siddha, Sukha Asana for Japa and Meditation for half an hour, facing the East or North. Taking light exercises(Physical) as Walking, Etc., regularly. We need to do Pranayama’s for Minimum of 1 hour.

In the Early hours of the day, we can repeat any mantra as pure OM or OM Namo Narayana, OM Namo Shivaya, and other Mantras according to our taste from 21 to 108 times according to our conveniences. Most important is Dietic Discipline-Weened to give due importance to Sattvic foods, Shuddha Ahara. We can avoid certain sour products from our life. We need to observe moderation in diet (Mitahara). We should not overload the stomach.Giving up those things which the mind likes best for a fortnight in a year. We need to eat simple food, Milk, and fruits help concentration.

The Glory of waking Up according to Ayurveda In Sanskrit, the daily routine is called as Din Acharya. Din Means Day and Acharya means to’ follow or close to’. So Dinacharya is an ideal daily schedule taking into account the nature’s cycle. In Ayurveda, the focus is levied on the Early hours of the day as it is instrumental in setting the tone of your day. Ayurveda believes that routine is a discipline for the body and mind which strengthens immunity and purifies the body of its wastes. With the help of simple routines which are healthy in nature, one can clean body, mind & balance Doshas.

We can check Power of Breath—Checking through which Nostril the breath is flowing more strongly. According to Ayurveda, the right Nostril is solar pitta, and the left Nostril is Lunar-Kapha. The right side of the brain controls creative activity while the left side controls logical verbal activity. According to Research,when one breathes through the left nostril,then the right side of the brain is more pre-dominant and vice—versa.

As Soon as we get up from the bed, we follow the Ancient tradition of observing the lines in your Palms and remember the Goddesses of Wealth, Knowledge, and Power.Rub the fingertips with your thumbs in a circular soothing rhythm, rub both hands together and move the palms slowly over your face, covering head, shoulders, arms, and legs creating an energy shield which wards off negative influences for the whole of the day.

Early in the Morning, we can recite the Protection Mantra which is very simple & effective Morning Mantra—

Kar agre vasate Lakshmi(In the front part of the hands, i.e.(the fingertips, lives Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth)

Kar Madhye cha Saraswati(In the middle of part of the hands, i.e., the palm, live saraswati, the goddess of Art and of Learning)

Kar mule Vasate Govindam (In the end part of the hands, i.e., the root or wrist, lives Govindam, Lord Krishna)

Prabhate Shubha kar darshanam(It is auspicious to see the hand in the morning)

Positive step— Stepping out of the bed early hours of morning, touching your leg on the ground with the side of the body where the breath is flowing dominant (checking Nostrils)

We find nowadays Chaos reigns supreme in most of our lives, as we get up and juggle ourselves throughout the day and we end up exhausted even before their day has started. Yet, we find that a person starts the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. Time Management expert Laura Vanderkam says in her book, What the Most Successful People do Before Breakfast: A short guide to making over your Mornings – and Life,

“The Days I do something, meaningful with my early mornings hours, I feel like I can conquer the world. The days I’m less strategic soon feel like they are slipping away”.

She clearly is of the view that successful people accomplish things in their lives,are the Early risers-one of the key factors towards Success. Take for Instance—Apple CEO Tim Cook wakes up and sends out company emails at 4.30 in the morning and can be found in the Gym at 5 AM. Lot of Examples we can give from our Upanishads, Puranas, Rishi, Muni who used to do the morning hours of penance our Japa, they received more vibrations inside them.

How to Reclaim your Productive 4AM hour?

We need to have a Picture-Perfect Morning, planning what we would like to do in the morning hours depends and differs from various categories (Child to Adult-Male/Female), we need to Utilize the Morning Hours very wisely to do what is important to us—it could be Exercising, meditating, praying, reading, taking classes, cooking breakfast for family, indulging in a hobby, etc. Or we could utilise it for work—Project ideas, conduct Research work, read Newspapers, plan organizational work, or focus on career direction. So, we need to do a strategic thinking for day’s schedule in early hours of Morning.

Resetting the Clock—Using Mornings better way does not mean that we need to wake up at the crack of dawn, it is just that we need to wake up at a reasonable time and more importantly accomplish meaningful things that would be almost impossible to accomplish; later in the day.

Being Flexible in Morning hours—Staying optimistic and flexible is that will help us make our Mornings and jump start the day as we want it to happen for us.

At the Outset or rather to sum up, Transforming the morning schedule before breakfast, & not whiling the time away will make you to accomplish more, feel Relaxed, Rejuvenated, while others are still in bed. This also leads to a Happy, Effective, Productive, fulfilling and successful career and life! This refreshed meaningful morning can Enrich your entire day productively, by utilising the early hours of Morning.

I would like to cite another Productive Example of 4 AM, The leader of our Nation, at the helm of Affairs PM Narendra Modi who works tirelessly get up in the early hours of Morning has a disciplined Approach for his Morning Schedule, as he regularly performs Yogaabhyaas for 1 hour to calm down & think fresh ahead for strategizing Policies for a Better, Transformed, Productive India & giving every Indian- Naya Din, Nayee Umeed, and because of his early morning schedule he is able to accomplish most of his set targets & objectives within the time schedule and also asks  his Team also to finish in the given deadline successfully. Thus, by doing this Act of getting up early in the Morning hours, we find India is moving towards VIKAS KI AUR.

Jai Hind.