Amazing!!! Kovind was denied entry to Presidential Retreat in Shimla last month; But soon he will be its custodian

Once he was denied entry but now the persons who denied the entry will salute and let him in.

Last month BJP’s presidential nominee, Ram Nath Kovind was denied entry into Mashobra’s Retreat Building which is a part of the Presidential estate. This happened when he was on a trip to Shimla with his family and he was then a Bihar Governor.

Kovind who was not widely known is now likely to be the custodian of the luxurious presidential summer retreat. This is almost 15 km away from Shimla. Kovind was popular for his works for the upliftment of the Dalits. As soon as Kovind was nominated as a presidential candidate, the unity of the opposition was broken completely.

Kovind who is 71 years old had visited several places in and around Shimla in May 2017. Later he thought of visiting the Mashobra’s Retreat Building, but he was denied entry to the high security zone in the leafy Mashobra hills.

This estate is guarded by the Himanchal Pradesh Police and permission for entry is only given from the President’s office. Kovind was such a humble man that he didn’t even try to call up anyone to obtain permission but quietly returned to the Governor’s house at Barnes Court in Shimla. This was said by Shashi Kant Sharma, the adviser to Governor Acharya Dev Vrat.

Viceregal Lodge was turned into Rashtrapati Bhavan after Independence so the Mashobra’s Retreat Building was made a part of the Rashtrapathi Bhavan.

According to the tradition, every year President of India will take a break from work in Delhi and spend a few days in “The Retreat”. President goes to Mashobra in summer and in winter the President goes to Hyberabad.

Look at the simplicity of Mr Kovind, he never allowed his family members to use the official vehicle, instead they travelled in hired vehicles.

The deserved will definitely get what he deserves. Let Kovind win the Presidential election without any opposition and take India to new heights.

Rajat Bhandary