Amazing! Prime Minister Modi will host Ivanka Trump in world’s largest dining hall in Hyderabad

Daughter of US President Donald Trump will be in India on the 28th of this month. The occasion is the Global Entrepreneurship Summit at the Hyderabad International Convention Centre which will see both Ivanka Trump and Prime Minister Modi addressing it. But this visit of Ivanka is going to be historic for another reason.

Prime Minister Modi is all set to host Ivanka in Hyderabad in the world’s biggest dining hall. The venue for the dinner is the Hyderabad Nizam’s famous and spectacular‘101 Dining Hall’ at the Taj Falaknuma Palace hotel.

The dining hall can seat 101 guests. The hall has sophisticated wood interiors, ornate crystal chandeliers, and acoustics that let visitors hear whispers from one corner of the room to another.

On the arrival of Ivanka Trump, Hyderabad Police Commissioner VV Srinivas Rao said, “Ms Trump would be arriving on the early hours of 28th (Tuesday).Ms Trump and honourable Prime Minister will be dining with selected 100 guests. There will be another dinner in another other place, the lawns on the lower level of Falaknuma Palace, which can take about 2,000 guests. The Prime Minister is arriving in the afternoon. He will inaugurate the Hyderabad Metro Rail and then proceed to the HICC venue.”

Ivanka Trump will take a tour of the Falaknuma Palace.The palace is an iconic symbol of Hyderabad. It is sheer opulence. Here are some amazing facts about the palace –

• The palace took 9 years to be constructed.
• The palace has one of the largest electrical switchboards in India. It was in 1883 when telephone and electrical system was introduced by Osler.
• It has the largest collection of Venetian Chandeliers. The number goes upto 40 Osler chandeliers in the halls.
• The library at the palace is as majestic as the Windsor Castle’s library in England.
• The palace has a special billiards table. Two identical billiards tables were designed by Burroughs and Watts from England; one is at the Falaknuma Palace and the other at Buckingham Palace.

Prime Minister Modi must be credited with taking such diplomatic and international events out of New Delhi. Previous prime ministers lacked imagination and stuck to Delhi as if it is written in the constitution that important world personalities can be hosted only in New Delhi. But one can count on Prime Minister Modi to change the status quo.

Vinayak Jain