An amazing story of an elder sister in the family!

As I pen down this Article of mine for elder sister, who is the most amazing gift for the parents ever gave in the family. Let me take you to a journey of an Elder sister, how tempestuous relationship it can be. I feel that there are days when your older sister feels like the most amazing person ever, someone you look up to in every possible way.

Whenever you feel that you just can’t stand those days stand your older sister, here are some reminders of why she’s the most amazing gift your parents ever gave you in the family. While being, the eldest child does have its advantages, as an elder sister will be the first person to remind you, it has lot of disadvantages too. In many families, I see & I find that younger siblings find that older sister gets all the focus and attention from the parents. There are many instances which can be cited- Your older sister was there first, so she was the first one that your parents focused all their worry and paranoia on. Whenever you as a younger sister wouldn’t have a pat or rather got into a trouble for a “C” grade, whereas your older sister would have a pat on her back and the parents would have said “Do better next semester”, you as a younger sister would be fuming from inside out.

Parents tend to “Mellow out a bit with their younger children. Why? Your older sister proved that you could get a low grade, stay out late, and major in what you want to without your life falling to pieces. She did all the hard work of getting things into perspective for your parents so you didn’t have to. So, you owe her a big thank-you for that.

Another Characteristic feature that I am going to highlight about an Elder sister, is that you always got to be “In charge” and the younger had to listen to you. Sometimes it’s advantageous to be an in-charge of your younger brothers & sisters, sometimes it might turn otherwise too, as I always a coin has 2 sides of its own. For example, if your parents are travelling, entrust the responsibility of taking care of the younger ones, another fact of the matter is that if you are in the institution then it becomes even more difficult being a younger one to listen to your elder sister. In the school/college premises, you can take care of them in your own style.

Let me tell you benefits of “Older the Better”

Let me explain to you in the form of a short story– While there are three sisters, three-year-old, seven years, and fifteen-year-oldsister, three year is learning the Alphabet, the seven-year-old is memorizing the multiplication table and the fifteen-year-old sister is just beginning to explore the world on a social scale, and has experienced many exciting milestones as such. Being the elder sister to the three siblings has its own perks.  Whether the Elder sister dons the role as a leader or gaining more privileges and responsibilities, being the oldest sibling far outweighs the advantages of being the younger.

As role models to your younger siblings, older siblings are more likely to become natural leaders. Because younger siblings constantly look up to and idolize their older brothers or sisters, the oldest child already possess leader like qualities. Whether I am helping one of my sister writing an essay/poem, or teaching how to perfect a creative writing, my siblings look up to me in times of need, I lead them through multiple rites of passage of creative writing and therefore take on the role as a guide.Generally, what I find during my Research analysis on siblings especially is that parents are more excited about their first child because the process is an entirely new experience. When this child says his or her first word or takes his or her first step, it is very special moment for every parent in their lives. As their child grows up and matures, the “firsts” become more sentimental with memorable moments like their first day in the school and getting Graduated in their convocation ceremony.

I have to tell you this, that being an older child comes with a greater sense of responsibility. As older siblings care for their younger ones, they have more opportunities for freedom and success in return, as far as parents are concerned, they want all their children to excel in their respective fields, and they want give them more opportunities to grow and develop into well-mannered adults. During this process, many parents hire their oldest child to babysit his or her younger siblings, allowing the older child to make money and feel a sense of authority and accomplishment.

The Pros and Cons of Being the Eldest Child—

Being the eldest child yes, you are treated differently, then your other siblings, and there are both good and bad things that comes from this. Most people seem to claim that there’s only bad things that come from being the oldest, but in fact there are lot of “POSITIVES”, that comes out of the situation.


Your parents are stricter on you—Any Eldest child if you take they will have the biggest complaint, because they are the first to do anything and due to this, your parents are most cautious in allowing to do things. But when the younger siblings get to the elder one’s age, they are allowed to stay late out of the homes, go to more parties, or generally have more freedom as such.

Elder sister Dons the role of a Free Babysitter—

As an Elder sister, you have to stay in and mind your younger siblings, no arguments, and you got no money for it. But for this baby you don’t get paid either rather it’s a huge responsibility vested on you as an Elder sister.

Let’s look into Pros—

You feel protective of your younger siblings—

At times, it might look frustrating & annoying, sometimes you love them so deep down, and despite all the hassle you give them, it still feels good to protect them from anyone in school/college or in any circumstances of life. The need to protect them does lessen over the period of time, as both of you grow older enough.

To be the ‘Firsts’—I know that if you are the oldest in the family, obviously, you are the first one to drive, go on holidays, with your friends, and other things like that. But it’s still nice to know that your younger siblings still have to wait for few more years before they can follow you.

Your Siblings look up for Everything—

You might be the coolest person or a nerd, having a younger brother/sister meant that no matter what you were like, you always had someone that thought you were the greatest person ever. As a result, you get to mess with them too. There are more chances of being more Successful than the younger ones, or else it can be vice-versa too, but still they look up to for whatever the person who you are. A sibling makes you healthier.

Many News Articles reiterate the fact that siblings can learn from each other during their playtime. Specifically, brothers and sisters learn how to count, write and chalk and to interact in very much the same way that teachers and students work together. While playing together they try to solve the problems and conquer many issues which arise, which leads to one sibling teaching the other something that later translates into the classroom.

You learn to achieve your Goals—Siblings are more likely to achieve that give their own performance a boost. On the other hand, younger ones have better chances of outperforming others. “First-born may be more motivated to learn, whereas second-borns may be more motivated to win.

As I conclude my Article on Elder sister, it also holds the same emotions for an elder brother to a younger brother too. What I feel is that if you are an Elder sister, I feel Your life is just better with a sibling. The siblings are better at avoiding depression, and they are better at lowering “the risk for delinquency”. Siblingaffection, regardless of gender, is a very positive and highly motivating factor everyone’s life. But overall, a sister is the best gift your parents can give you. Not only does it offer two closets to choose from when you are growing up, but as it turns out, having a sister is very much beneficial to both your Physical and mental health too.

So, friends next time, you and your sister get into some raging spat over something like that, you need to forgive and forget in the next hour possible. In the long run, you are going to be healthier and happier because of your sister. A Sister makes you a kinder person & and also at times make us feel fewer negative emotions, more of positives. Sisters make you feel more loved, they make you more communicative, sisters make their brothers better at talking to women. They make you more Independent and Goal oriented too. They make you more balanced and most importantly a rational being. I hope my Article will be a dedication to all Elderly sisters who in many families especially in Indian families as symbols of sacrifice for their younger ones.

Salute all Elder sisters

Dr. Sukanya Iyer