“America Loves India”- US President Donald Trump in Namaste Trump Event!Thanks Indians For A Spectacular Welcome! Here Are The Highlights Of The Speech!

US President Donald Trump thanked the people gathered at Ahmedabad’s Motera Stadium for ‘spectacular welcome’ as he addressed the ‘Namaste Trump’ event on Monday.

“Namaste, and hello to India. Let me begin my profound gratitude to leader and my true friend, Prime Minister Modi. The First lady an I have just travelled 8,000 miles to deliver this message: That America respects India, America loves India,” said Trump.

Grand preparations have been made for the high-profile visit with thousands of people lined up the streets of Ahmedabad to greet the two leaders during their roadshow.

Large billboards with the words “two dynamic personalities, one momentous occasion” and “two strong nations, one great friendship” were donning the city.

US President Donald Trump today said “America will always remain a loyal friend to India” as he addressed a packed stadium in Ahmedabad.

Regarding the much-anticipated trade deal, US President Trump says, “PM Modi and I will be making some very big trade deal to boost our countries economy. I am sure that we can reach a good trade. But PM Modi is a tough negotiator. A booming America is great for India and the world. PM Modi has made some significant reforms in India. The world wants to see more reforms.”

On Radical Islamic Terrorism,
“US and India are united in the pursuit to fight radical Islam. Recently we launched an offensive against ISIS and killed their leader. Every nation has the right to secure their borders. India and US will fight terror together. To this effect since taking office we have worked with Pakistan to take down terror on the borders. our relation with Pakistan has improved,” says Trump in Motera Stadium.

Amid uncertainity over a signing trade deal, Trump promises to settle a three billion dollar defence deal with India, He says, “I thank you for the contribution that you have made to my beloved country. USA’s economy is booming. I have come to India to expand our relations. PM and I will continue our dialogue to deepen the relation between our countries. Our relations took a new turn when the Indian and US military has a joint exercise – Tiger Triumph. We make the best military hardware and we now deal with India. Tomorrow we will sign a three billion dollar defence deal. We want India to become our premier defence partner.”


Dr.Sindhu Prashanth


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