Amid tension with China, Indian Navy to induct World’s Stealthiest Submarine INS Kalvari!

It seems the ongoing tussle between India and China will change the course of relationship between both the Nations. Last fortnight has proved very critical for both the Asian competitors. On one hand China was sending the sermons and war threats on daily basis, on other hand we were getting so many news of Para Diplomacy and War preparedness from India’s end.

India is pushing the Infrastructure development in North-Eastern states. At the same time it is acquiring the Vital Armaments and Defence Equipment to show its war preparedness.

Both Nations understand that during any probable confrontation in future, Navy will be playing a vital role. India knows it very well that it can harm China if it controls Indian Ocean and especially strait of Malacca, which is the key for China’s global Business model.

India’s Geographical position gives it a huge strategic advantage in the Indian Ocean, and even if China has more submarines and better Maritime capabilities, they are probably decades away from being able to seriously challenge India there, especially while the United States is also present in South China Sea.

China’s navy always try to enter the Indian Ocean through narrow choke points like the Malacca Strait that runs between Indonesia and Malaysia. Indian surveillance planes deployed to Andaman & Nicobar Islands patrol the area, and one spotted the Chinese submarine in May.

India is taking huge steps to boost its maritime security, and the Indian Navy is reportedly all set to commission one of World’s deadliest fighting tools, the INS Kalvari into its fleet later this month.

INS Kolvari’scommissioning will be a “milestone” in India’s herculean efforts to rebuild its underwater fighting force. INS Kalvari isalso known as one of the most Stealthiest Submarine in the World and it is expected to drastically boost the Navy’s underwater prowess.

This is the first of six such submarines the Navy has ordered. Currently, it has just 15 submarines in its fleet compared to 60 with China, obviously the China is the side with advantageous position.

Indian Government had also ordered for six French-made Scorpene submarines in 2005 at a cost of 236 billion rupees. These submarines are being built by the Indian Government owned Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd. in collaboration with France’s Naval Group.

According to the report, the government has also initiated a program to build six more diesel submarines. It has, meanwhile, sent information requests to six different manufacturers in Germany, France and Russia, among others.The project is reportedly worth about 500 billion rupees.

Manish Sharma