Amidst the Rafale mudslinging, let us not forget how Rahul Gandhi’s uncle had executed a biggest scam in automobile sector

Have you heard of the saying “Born with a silver spoon in mouth”? This is one such story where a young man who took birth in a royal family. India got its Independence just a year after his birth. It was a known fact that Nehru would be India’s first Prime Minister and that’s why the celebration doubled in the house after his birth.

Born in Bungalow, Sanjay (his then name was Sanjiv) grew up as a stubborn kid and ensured that he got whatever he demanded for. He was the second son in the family and this was another reason for the stubbornness of the pampered kid. Even though Rajiv Gandhy was the first child, grandfather and mother had high hopes, affection and love towards Sanjay Gandhy. And anyone who were close to the family could make this observation quite easily.

Later this spoilt brat was admitted to the Welham Boys’ School, which is known for its British culture. Not due to talent but because of the tag that he is Prime Minister’s grandchild, he was clearing his school exams, every year. Then the Nehru dynasty dumped Sanjay Gandhy to the Doon School in Dehra Dun. Known for his weird behaviour, he hardly mingled with other students and was in his own parallel universe. Spoke rarely, none called him intelligent because he wasn’t and was accused of several more things.

One day he turned fourteen years and thin moustache started to sprout on his face. For him, the education life made him feel like as his he was chained but he had this weird craze of driving someone else’s cars that were parked in Delhi, using the master key. This young lad robbed random people’s car, went on jolly ride and then parked it in its original location. Even though his family knew of the scandalous episodes of Sanjay Gandhi, they never felt to teach Sanjay some moral lesson even though they were preaching Indians on what was right and wrong. That made Sanjay to believe that whatever he did was right.

Other than enjoying, this young lad had no other aims in his life. This made his family to discover new avenues that could help Sanjay to find a solid podium in society. That’s when the Gandhi family used all their influence and got Sanjay Gandhi enrolled to an apprenticeship with Rolls-Royce in Crewe, England for three years. The company that never admitted students without entrance test, took in a young untalented lad who did only schooling education just because he was the grandson of India’s Prime Minister.

Later he got promoted from the grandson of India’s prime minister to the son of India’s Prime Minister when he returned to India. This happened because of the death of Nehru and also due to the mysterious death of Lal Bahadur Shastri which paved way to India Gandhi’s anarchy.

As soon as Sanjay Gandhy landed in India, he started to roam saying he will launch a very low budget car in India. Even the talented engineers who worked with Ford Company for years couldn’t muster the courage to manufacture a car on their own. But Sanjay boasted about his invisible skills in automobile sector, wherever he went. So after his mother Indira Gandhi became India’s prime minister, his dream was given a green flag by her.

All of a sudden the central government started to work on the project of delivering cars even to the financially weaker Indians, with keen interest. Few started to boast that making poor buy a car is the only form of development. The journalists, writers who were tamed by the then government started to shout out that a new revolution will take place in India as India will manufacture low cost cars. Few even compared it with Russia’s Boltevick revolution. Soon after his mother gave green signal, Sanjay Gandhy opened a shed in Jama Masjid locality’s Gulabi Bhag and planned to assemble motor cycle engine named Triumph to cars. After a “Kaccha” model was prepared, Sanjay and his gang prepared two more such models.

By 1969 Sanjay had 3 cars in his shed and to know if these are eligible to move on to the roads, Ahmedabad’s Research and Development organisation had to give clearance. But in each and every tests of the organisation, Sanjay Gandhy’s cars failed miserably. Forget hitting the roads, the cars were not even deserving to be in any of the museums, commented the organisation sternly. What followed this was a series of meeting within the Nehru family and the cabinet ministers of the central government. In 1970, the then prime minister had called for a cabinet meeting.

In the meeting, the PM explained the necessity of manufacturing cheap cost cards to lakhs of Indians. The people present in the meeting agreed unanimously to head in the path of manufacturing low cost cars. And the responsibility of making it a reality was put up on the shoulder of Sanjay Gandhy. Within just few days, that is on June 4th Maruthi Limited was established. To everyone’s surprise the 25 year old stubborn Sanjay Gandhy was made the first managing director of the company. Look at the irony. The firm that was opted to head a revolutionary project was totally new and the Sanjay Gandhy and his team’s 3 model cars were not at all a working model.

Regarding production, Maruthi Limited hadn’t collaborated with any other firms. What was hilarious is that the new company had not even prepared a proposal to create low cost cars to the central government. But on September 1970, the central government passed a rule that the company should manage to manufacture 50,000 cars every year and release it to the market. Note that 50,000 were number of cars produced by three car manufacturing companies put together. So the company that didn’t even produce car’s wipers was given this responsibility and what was shocking was that the company didn’t even call for the tenders or consulted anyone for this purpose.

Slave system was prevalent in Congress party even then, just like how it’s found today. Soon after the central government’s permit, then Haryana CM Bansilal started doing rounds in Janpath and tried to impress the prime minister. He said that in Haryana’s Sonipat he was ready to give land for the project but Sanjay said a straight no and expressed his desire of setting up the factory close to Delhi and Bansilal gave the proposal of allotted 290 acres in Gurugram.

Crores and crores of rupees were granted with zero interest from the government’s treasury and finally Maruthi limited was started in Gurugram. Sanjay who didn’t even have an iota on how a car factory should look like had constructed a large hall and he himself didn’t know what to do next. Even his sycophants didn’t know what to do. By then the Bangladesh Liberation War had begun and Sanjay Gandhy dumped the car making project and jumped into politics as he was needed there, as per his party men. Since then the Maruthi project began to crawl.

Bangladesh’s liberation was done but the Maruthi projected didn’t see any progress. Years passed but the low cost car never came out on the streets on India. Forget the government, Sanjay Gandhy himself didn’t have any track on the progress of the company. When pressure mounted, Sanjay started exhibition of non-working cars and even pressurized the business men to buy the company shares.

Even the businessmen around Janpath were not spared. But later on they started to revolt when the car making didn’t see any progress. But they all were arrested under MISA and were thrown into jails. And if the officials within the government suspected the Maruthi company, they were transferred to terrible location or removed from their jobs.

Those were so tortured that forget revolting, they didn’t even imagine to think against the dynasty even in their wildest dream. The government was so ruthless that if incase they got slightest clue that an individual might revolt, they were taken to task. Finally Indira Gandhi’s government’s Parmeshwar Narayan Haksar gathered courage and asked Maruthi that when the cars will be launched and the next day he was dismissed.

It was 6 years since the inception of Maruthi, yet not even a single car came to the streets of India. Devastated by this, Sanjay Gandhi called Volkswagen company and asked it to slightly modify its Beetle car and launch it to fool the Indians who were waiting for Maruthi. But the Volkswagen company wasn’t ready to compromise its brand name for the pressure on mother and son’s weird demand. And in 1977 the Maruthi company had to shut down after the advent of Janata government. Not just this, the government appointed an panel under Justice PA Gupta to expose every layer of Maruthi scam. By the Maruthi had split into three.

To hide the scandals of Maruthi motors, another bogus company named Maruthi Textile Services was floated. And to hide its scams, Maruthi Heavy vehicles was floated. The third company was polishing road rollers found in scrap house, polished it and sold it saying its brand new. These were purchased by the Congress ruled states for road construction works. Looking at these scams Justice Gupta was stunned.

Unfortunately when Justice PA Gupta’s report was ready, the Janata Government collapsed. In 1980s election the Indira Gandhi government won once again. Sanjay Gandhy who had tasted a pathetic defeat in Amethi in 1977, won in 1980 and entered the parliament as an MP. Soon after the government was formed, Justice Gupta’s report was thrown to dustbin.

According to intelligence report, Sanjay Gandhy was a prime accused. But when he was all set to reopen the Maruthi company, he faced a sudden death as his aircraft crashed under mysterious circumstance. So Indira Gandhi appointed a man named Arun to look after the Maruthi company and after scrutinizing all the data, Arun gave a verdict that there is no use in continuing the firm.

That’s why Indira Gandhi nationalized the Maruthi and invited international firms to join hands by luring them in many ways. Finally Japan’s Suzuki company decided to collaborate with Maruthi. And the second and the real journey of Maruthi started since then.

The first thing Suzuki did after joining hands with Maruthi was to test the standards of Indian roads by sending its engineers to various parts of India. Sadly this chapter was never touched by Sanjay Gandhy. After all the preparations, Suzuki company started to manufactured budget cars to the financially poor and middle class Indians.

Every year when Sanjay Gandhy’s birthday comes, the Congress party pays tribute, praises him and lies that due him India saw budget cars. Few slaves call him an engineer.

One should learn from the Congress party on how to erase and rewrite the history.

Rohith Chakratheertha