An Alert Citizens Gives A Commie ‘Uber’ Drive To Police Station! Reward Him Uber Says Social Media!

As we all know there have been violent protests in the name of CAA. For past 5-6 months the liberals and the anti nationals have created chaos in the country. Infact it is quite clear that their only agenda is to break India.
Anyway, amidst all this chaos an unusual incident came to light in Mumbai on Wednesday, a poet named Bappaditya Sarkar was having a phone discussion with someone about the CAA and people’s discomfort with “Laal Salaam” in an Uber, the driver overhearing the call, informed the police officials about this and had him arrested.
According to the driver, Rohit Gaur the man was talking about Laal Salaam and what they could do to make the protests in Jaipur ‘more effective’. Infact the man was talking about inciting violence.
After which the Uber driver asked him if he could go to an ATM, to which the poet agreed.
The driver then returned with two policemen who questioned the poet about the Dafli he was carrying. Dafli is the most popular musical instrument among Communists. He replied that he was carrying the Dafli because he was sloganeering at ‘Mumbai Bagh’ earlier in the afternoon.
The driver then said, “Sir, arrest him. He was talking about burning the country, was saying that he is a communist and will turn Mumbai into Shaheen Bagh. I have the entire thing recorded.”
The liberals and the anti nationals targeted him and even lodged a complaint in Uber and the driver was suspended.
Infact, the incident came to light when by Communist and known Naxal-sympathizer Kavita Krishnan narrated it in twitter.
Its evident that she actually narrated just one side of the story in order to show her beloved comrade as the victim.
The man being a responsible citizen of the country did his best to put such anti nationals behind the bars but the liberals are potraying him as the culprit.
It is notable that these anti nationals in the name of CAA are trying to incite violence and disturb the peace of the Nation and any person who speaks against them are nothing but Sanghis. It is high time that people of India raise their voice and save our country from these anti nationals.


Sharanya Alva


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