An American’s mindblowing analysis of Narendra Modi and Indian politics is something you must not miss today !

Finally, I know after what we did (remember Trump as POTUS), me as an American may get laughed off by a lot of intelligent and secular Indians for my opinion. But I will still risk it.

Give the man a chance! He is doing the right thing and has balls and guts and spine. The man did an open truck rally in the holy city of Kashi, for Christ’s sake! Try walking in those bylanes (I speak from experience) to know how massively mental it really is. I had a memory of JFK in Dallas. One crazy sniper would have plunged your country into chaos. Be happy that it didn’t happen. And hope that it never does. Who knows it better than us Yanks, as we have had the maximum assassinations or attempts on our serving Presidents.

Stop being fashionable and ridiculing those who support him. You may think it is cool to do so, but the joke is on you. Most of the country loves him. So while you could agree to disagree with his policies, what you don’t realize is that ridiculing his supporters only makes them more supportive. It’s just like how Android users ridiculed IOS as the worlds worst ‘closed software’. But the moment they opened their eyes to what the iPhone could really do, they changed not only their opinion, but also their handsets.

Do you realize that when you speak to Modi detractors, they completely lose their ability to be objective about their opinions? I have yet to come across a single detractor who is open to looking at Modi objectively and probably moving to the other side. However, there are many Modi supporters who I know have criticized his policies and probably changed their allegiance. Makes me thus wonder as to who the real ‘bhakts’ are? The ones who follow Modi or the ones who debunk anything and everything that he does?

There seems to be no spirit of bipartisan acceptance at all. It was shocking that even the army surgical strikes were debunked by a few political parties in India. Sorry folks, we know we have Trump, but even the most uneducated American would stand behind any President when it came to my country. When you start questioning the credibility of your own armed forces, there is something seriously wrong with you. The star spangled banner is the supreme authority in the US of A and the tricolor should definitely be theirs. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case in India.

I know America won’t be great again, simply because we are a great nation and will remain so. Trump will be gone in 4 years but Modi seems set to rule India for 5 years beyond 2019. Consider it your greatest fortune. Imagine a few more years of scams and a silent PM who couldn’t translate his extraordinary brilliance and credentials into what could have been in my opinion the greatest Prime Minister-ship of all time. Mr. Singh has a resume that could be the aggregation of academic achievements of 10 to the top of class Harvard graduates in any year! Do read up about this extraordinary individual and the extraordinary and unbelievable set of scams that he presided over. Not because of his in-aptitude, but the mind-numbing control exercised by a dynasty who are now unwittingly destroying their grand old party.

Sorry if this sounds like a diatribe, but I love India and all it’s people. It takes one look at Dr. Shashi Tharoor’s speech at Oxford to realize that it’s not India Shining or developing. India is simply now regaining its rightful place in the world pecking order. And if you want to continue steaming ahead and getting there, the ‘chai’ seller of Gujarat seems to be your best bet.”

(Jason K)

Jason K

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