An angry JDS Karyakartha writes an open letter slamming his leaders! And also says that “Hey BJP supporters, don’t forget the masterstroke executed by your leader Yeddyurappa, 28 hours back”!

I can see only the power hungry wolves and not any horses since last few days. Why I’m saying this is because, the people who were highly concerned about animals claimed that horses are traded by a political party.

Few even said that government agencies like Enforcement Directorate (ED) and Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) have been used to pressurise the MLAs of allegedly secular parties. I constantly read newspapers and watch news channels and I nowhere found any news related to raids conducted by Enforcement Directorate, Central Bureau of Investigation or for that fact, even by the Income Tax department.

By now, you might have come to know that I’m talking of the “Karnataka Nataka”.

Since last 28 hours, the BJP supporters are angry, few are frustrated, and the rest are even disappointed at Amit Shah. Many didn’t have insights on what was going on among their leaders, and all they said was “KEEP CALM TRUST AMIT SHAH”. But Amit Shah didn’t deliver so it’s obvious to get disappointed.

Just imagine the frustration, anger, devastated feeling which is prevailing within me, a JD (S) Karyakartha, after I saw my leader Mr Kumaraswamy joining hands with his hardcore enemy, the Congress party. Few weeks ago, a JD (S) Karyakartha was allegedly murdered by the Congress workers when a clash broke out between both parties. But today, my leaders have embraced the leaders of the killers of my party worker.

Mr Kumaraswamy keeps roaming that his is a “Karyakartha’s party” but how can he join hands with the party that killed his own Karyakartha?

Dear BJP supporters, even though I hate your party, I want to say that your party leaders are far better than mine and also don’t forget the masterstroke made by Mr BS Yeddyurappa, even though he didn’t go for the floor test!

In this quest for the battle of Karnataka, the BJP supporters and the Right Wingers forgot the masterstroke of the former Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa. He made a departure speech and in the years to come, people will recall it as nothing lesser than “A masterstroke that demolished the lies of Congress and JD (S)”.

The politicians and their sympathizers who were scared that the MLAs from Congress and JD (S) who didn’t change their ideology every now and then unlike their leaders, floated a theory of the so-called “horse trading”.

We all know that the BJP is attached to animals, especially the cow (Gau Maatha), but we are equally aware of the fact that BJP didn’t indulge in purchasing the “horses” from someone else’s shed.

If BJP had indulged in horse trading, then it would have easily called for a floor test and have had crossed the majority mark. But it didn’t do that. Instead, Mr BS Yeddyurappa followed in the footsteps of the former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

With his sharp words that were mixed with genuine love to towards the people of Karnataka, Mr Yeddyurappa ripped apart the hypocrisy of Congress and JD (S). “Who won how many seats is not important. I don’t do party politics. I do people’s politics. I have been humiliated. I will continue to fight for the farmers. All my life I fought for them. I dedicate my life to farmers. Till my last breath, I will work for them”, this was what Mr Yeddyurappa said minutes before he resigned but my leaders Kumaraswamy begged to give him power during elections or else he would die. Well, I salute both Yeddyurappa and Kumaraswamy- Mr Yeddyurappa for his selflessness and Mr Kumaraswamy for his hypocrisy.

“We will win all 28 Lok Sabha seats. I assure the people that will we win 150 seats next time”, said Mr Yeddyurappa and this might turn true because in 1996 Atal Bihari Vajpayee had said “If they (Congress) think that they can run the government, they are welcome to do but we will keep serving the nation in our ways. There is 40 years of penance behind our efforts for the nation. We do not enjoy the majority today, does not mean we have not served our motherland any less” and today BJP is everywhere.

So, Mr Yeddyurappa has scored a masterstroke and it will definitely boost the morale of his party workers, unlike my leaders who have put the honest Karyakarthas to shame.

I would ask my leaders to learn something from the BJP leaders. They began their election campaign by meeting the mothers of the BJP Karyakarthas who were murdered by their rivals. Even after their victory, especially in coastal Karnataka, the BJP leaders didn’t forget to express their gratitude to the mothers who lost their sons.

But, I’m shameful to say that I belong to a party where there is no value to the death of their own party workers. Mr Kumaraswamy, during the election campaign, Mr Siddaramaiah was abusing you and your father like anything. But you went on to join hands with Siddaramaiah.

I even remember you saying that if there is no clear mandate, you’ll not join hands with any political party. You even claimed to go for re-election immediately if there was a hung assembly. But Mr Kumaraswamy, for just the greed of power, you embraced your hardcore enemy itself.

I won’t join hands with BJP but I’ll show in the upcoming elections and teach my leaders a lesson. I’ll keep on pressing “NOTA” button, election after election, until my leaders realise their biggest mistake.

-A JD (S) Karyakartha