An officer who was summoned by the CBI in the Bofors Case found dead in Madhya Pradesh

A shocking incident has taken place in Madhya Pradesh where a junior works manager (JWM) of Guns Carriage Factory (GCF) named SC Khatua was found dead in a drain on February 5. The timing of the death has gained national attention because the officer was summoned by the CBI in the Bofors case weeks ago.

What makes his death even more suspicious is that SC Khatua was missing since January 17th, after being summoned the CBI. The CBI had made this move after the alleged supply of Chinese-spare parts for production of indigenised Bofors guns used by the Army.

A report said “A blood-stained blade was also found near the body of 45-year-old SC Kathua. The body, which was found in the factory area behind Section 2 region of GCF, was severely decomposed”. It added “Earlier in July 2017, the CBI had booked a Delhi-based firm the Gun Carriage Factory for selling fake Chinese spare parts to the ordnance factory, which come under the production department of the Defence Ministry”.

The police started to search him after his wife Mausami Khatua filed a missing case after a day later i.e. on 18th January. Currently the body has been sent to a post-mortem examination. The family of SC Kathua claim that this a murder but the police as of now suspect that it was a suicide.

Earlier the CBI had registered a first information report (FIR) of cheating and forgery against unknown officials of the factory, accusing them of conspiring with the Delhi-based firm which was chosen to supply parts for the manufacture of the artillery guns.

In the recent days we had seen espionage incidents increasing within the armed forces. Last year an Indian scientist was nabbed by the investigation agencies after it was proved that the scientist who fell into honey trap leaked sensitive details to Pakistan.

Hansika Raj