An open letter by an Indian Muslim to the Congress MP Hussain Dalwai who hurt Hindus by saying “Even Lord Ram left Sita doubting her” must not be missed by any Indian!

Even though I was in my office today, I was glued to my mobile phone regularly checking several news applications as I was eager to know if the Triple Talaq bill was passed in the parliament. This was the need of the hour in order to save my Muslim sisters from the atrocities of their husband.

Sadly the bill was not even let to table in the Rajya Sabha by the Congress party and their allies. If this bill was passed, instant triple talaq would have been a criminal offense. What was even more horrible was in a hurry to retain the Muslim vote bank, one of my Muslim brother (i’m really shameful to call him so) went on to abuse the deity of the hundred crore Hindus of India.

With clear of intentions of denying the right to the Muslim women, Congress MP Hussain Dalwai made a bizarre argument stating “Women are treated unfairly in all communities, not just Muslims, even Hindus, Christians, Sikhs etc. In every society, there is male domination. Even Shree Ram Chandra Ji once left Sita Ji after doubting her. So we need to change as a whole”.

Yes, he spoke ill of Lord Shri Ram who is not just a deity of Hindus but even an inspiration to the entire mankind. Instead of apologizing for this heinous crime which would have resulted in riots (but it won’t as the Hindu brothers are really tolerate), MP Hussain Dalwai said in an interview later on that “the Modi government is not interested in the welfare of Muslim women. The government’s promise of giving more rights to the Muslim women and empowering them is just an eye-wash”.

It is due to statements made by politicians like you, we Muslims who are as patriotic like Dr Abdul Kalam, have to bow our heads in shame. India has never let us down, especially the Hindus. In 1947, even though the constitution said India is a democratic nation, there was an unwritten rule that Pakistan is for Muslims and India is for Hindus.

However, the Hindu population in Pakistan deteriorated year after year and now they are near to extinction. But we Muslims in India were really tiny in terms of population during 1947. But the Hindus of India treated us equal, no matter what the Muslims in Pakistan did to India. And now we Muslims are in every corner of India.

When the terrorists carry out bomb blasts in India, the Hindus don’t look at us in a suspicious angle but when politicians like you Mr Hussain Dalwai who drop bombs with your boneless tongue, there creates a rift between Hindus and Muslims.

Hindus have done every bit of a work for the upliftment of the Muslims. Thousands of crores of government funds are given to we Muslims since decades, but the Hindus haven’t opposed it. Needless to say that they contribute the major part of the taxes paid to the government.

Educational loans at lower interest rates are provided to our kids, but Hindus of India didn’t try to stop it. Scholarship amounts to our kids are given even though the genuine needy students of Hindus are deprived of this facility, yet the Hindus haven’t said anything.

Now when it is our turn to return back the favors done by the Hindus, you (Mr Hussain Dalwai) are trying to instigate a riot so that you could blame the Modi government. I agree that BJP has come to power by stating that they would protect the Hindus, who have been suppressed by the non-BJP governments.

But I also agree that the Modi government never ever made the lives of the Muslims a hell. In fact the Muslims of India are respected than ever and are leading a better life. We are allowed to celebrate our festival, allowed to do what our religion says. But our women are still leading a miserable life due to the existence of triple talaq and this must be removed.

I live in a Hindu dominated locality but I was never heckled because of my faith. So I urge you Mr Hussain Dalwai to tender an unconditional apology to the Hindus for your heinous statement of insulting Lord Ram and Sita.

A Proud Indian Muslim