An open letter to Ravish Kumar who earns his bread and butter by abusing PM Modi and Hindus

Dear Ravish Ji,

I read your article “Aakash mein jhooth ki dhool”. The mood got worse after reading it. By this article, you too have tried to spread the dirt and raise the movement, then how could you tag yourself as “Aloknaath” of journalism? You started your article with the word that takes five minutes in your every fourth prime-time show: “FEAR” You have so much love with this word that without going out of studio you have started to tremble.

You need to Get out, there is enough vitamin D under the shade of sun. You must be wondering why I am saying this here when it does not have any relation to context? This is because what you say also has nothing to do with the present scenario of society. You have to run an agenda, and that you are running smoothly. Unlike Rajdeep and Sagarika, maybe you are doing this as selfless work, but still, you are also propagating an agenda only nothing else.

Since the government is not of your choice, that’s why there is fear everywhere and the sky is covered with the blanket of lies? Further, you have written that there was an atmosphere of revolution in the country, people were looking for alternatives, and then one alternative emerged. You forgot to write that the atmosphere of revolution in the country was due to which party’s rule. You forgot to say that the public resentment, which you mentioned as ‘Rebel Mandate’, was due to the Congress policies and loot.

This mandate was received by the BJP, against which you are strongly opposing without any reason just based on the presumptions that you yourself have made. How did you come to know that ‘Rebel Mandate’  transformed into Mandate of Fear? Is it because of the fact that every day by chanting ‘an atmosphere of fear – the atmosphere of fear’? Have you really started living in fear? If we keep on repeating something again and again, we start feeling it actually. That’s what has happened to you. You are a journalist, do not try to be a leader. The work of the journalist is to deliver the news, help in understanding it, it is not to be swept by the side and keep swinging on that side only. You are swinging because you have become habitual to it.

You have further written that such an environment has been created that a man cannot even ask a question. You are not allowed to ask questions, that’s why you are feeling that nobody is allowed to ask a question. What is that propagation of agenda then that you do daily in prime time. Don’t you ask questions there? While talking about frenzied talk, indulging in personal hatred, calling someone ‘Avatar’ by your desire, you yourself are corroding the sculpture again and again for your hatred. You get lifted by saying anything to anyone who is in front of you because you think you are having the right to do so with a mic in hand.

You have also written that when you start lifting your finger, people start asking questions to you. Terrible!!! Do you have an immunity from the UN that questions about your poor journalism cannot be raised? If Modi has not given interview, you are writing that there is no right to ask questions in the country, and when you were asked why you were silent during the Congress era, why not prime time when Hindus were being attacked, Why no question to Pranoy Roy based on the facts of  investigating agencies, then like a new bride you start writing articles on the declining number of tigers in India! Why should you not be questioned?

Again, the disruption of the Planning Commission is a problem for you as if your maternal uncle had a job there, which went away. If any government didn’t find it useful and has dissolved a root institution by staying in the constitutional realm, then what is the problem? The ‘Niti Aayog’came in its place and is doing its job. Why do you think that the relevance of the organization that was formed fifty years ago will still be there? It may be that the vision with which the Planning Commission was created, was not producing the results for every five years. Maybe there was a need for a change, which the new government adopted. What is the problem with you being it dissolved?

In its next paragraph, you have even crossed the height of shamefulness. It seems that you had a goal to complete the word count, and that’s why you entered this paragraph. This paragraph proves that you do not have hatred for government policies, it is a special hatred for that particular person. You have written that “Modi ji” saying himself as Pradhan Sevak is a big lie. The reason you gave for justifying it is that Nehru had said this long ago. My question is, when and where Modiji had claimed that he was the first person to call himself as Pradhan Sevak? You have reached such lowness that you termed it as plagiarism!

It is foolish for a journalist to term it as plagiarism because the logic given by you that the words, verb, adjective, nouns etc. were used by Nehru, then in the same way I can also call Nehru a thief because even before him, someone would have spoken these words or should I term it as plagiarism as you are writing the words which Amir Khusro said before. What kind of journalism is this?

It hurts you that the people of your profession are getting bent on the foot of the bosses. Even your symptoms are showing that only Ravish Ji! You also protect your bosses. There are two ways of defending: One is openly saying that he is not like that, the other is not to let anyone talk about it. You are doing the same. Your eyes are seeing everything arising after 2014 only. Before that, there was neither country nor its problems. Everything was right before that. As the government changes, it is given a country in a box like ‘make it ready’.

No Sir, the country keeps passing on to governments. It takes a lot of time to fill someone’s pit. Someone has to cut the mountain. It is also not true that every government does everything in a poor or good manner, but the kind of journalism you are doing, it seems that nothing is going well in the country. You think that the crowds are getting violent, they are taking the law into their own hands.

The automated crowd that you are talking about you are not aware of it because you always kept hiding the horrors of the same crowd by saying ‘ special community ‘ and the rest of the time by saying ‘Hindus killed Muslims.’ You saw every Islamic terror, lynching, riots socially, but when you have a Hindu or a Dalit name you have not left any chance on giving it communal and ethnic color. Every riot is termed as done by the BJP although the state government is of someone else; Modi is responsible for every death of the country, even if the police belong to any other government… When there was lack of terms for you, you coined this new term ‘automatic mob’.

I am aware of persons like you completely. You are the person sitting in the studio arising riots by your words. In case you cannot prove your points repeatedly, you put such arguments which it is impossible to verify. Like, ‘People are getting power in the BJP’s rule’. How can you measure that people are getting power or not? If people are getting mad, how is the government responsible? Did Modi say that these incidents would not be investigated? Or the people were not put in jail? A crowd of Muslims in Jaipur set fire to the police station and removed all the cases that were on them, at that time you were not troubled, who is creating the atmosphere of fear?

You have created another new phrase that ‘the public means the opposition’. But the thing is that these fundamentals are wrong because the same people repeatedly voted for the same party. Do not consider yourself as a representative of the public, or at least not without contesting the election. Why do you talk so fake? If you are not finding any channel then retire Or, openly lick the boots as many people are doing whether it is of power or Congress.

Public means people only, who vote for a democracy, and send the people of their choice, and make a way to choose the government. The public vote for the Manifesto which seems right to them. You consider yourself Ravish Kumar, you are not “Janta Kumar”. You are a part of the public, not the public. Therefore, the talk of an anchor of the least viewable channel cannot be termed as a talk by the public. In India, people who understand Hindi can be over 40 crore, and you know very well what is the TRP of your program. So you do not try to be representative of public. It doesn’t look nice!

You have concluded that “by May 2019 so much will be lied that no one has lied in India in the journey of entire civilization”. I do not know with which instrument you have measured this, I think that it just got written in the flow. It does not seem to mean anything to me except that the title of your article is “Aakash mein jhooth ki dhool”. You must have felt that many people may be strayed, but the title should be justified in the epilogue. In the same way, you wrote some great sentence in which the ‘Travel of the entire civilization in India’ was put. It’s so heavy that I was not able to digest it.

In the end, I would like to say that remain like journalist only. You have left your profession and started a comedy. You feel that if you are laughing ‘he he he’ so everyone must be laughing like this, it is not so. You do good satire, but satirises bruise on truthful things. You create satire by manufacturing facts. It is a comedy like that Santa and Banta were going somewhere, seeing the banana peel Banta stopped, then when the Santa asked the reason, Banta said that the peel of banana is there I have to fall.

It does not look good Ravish Ji. Seeing you, people make a career in Hindi journalism Why are you doing this? Don’t do this.

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