Ananda Margis Massacre by CPI (M) in Kolkatta, nothing happened when they appealed to Mamata Bannerjee

The CPM is known for atrocities and the members of the CPM loves to remember the death of Adolf Hitler on April 30th. But, the left has forgotten it’s brutality of the same day, happened in Anand Marg, Kolkata.

On April 30, Hitler died, so were monks brutally killed by Communists.

On the morning of april 30, 1982, 16 ananda marg monks and a nun were dragged out of taxis at three spots that were taking them to an educational conference in Tilijala. They were beaten and set on fire even as thousands watched.

Left – government turned a blind eye to the gruesome murders!

Then, the left – government in the state of the late Jyothi Basu was accused for the gruesome killings. It was reported that the Basu government hid the facts of the murders from the National Human Rights Commission. It was decided to take up the case high in 1966, but the Basu, who was in power, did not co-operate. Instead, an IAS officer was being targeted and suspended for not toeing the left government’s line.

To put a mask on the issue, the government also set up one commission to investigate, but it was nothing, did not go beyond notification and any single hearing. No action were taken before the Assembly and CM Basu even appeared to have issued a veiled threat saying what consequences might have followed had Sachin Sen, the then CPI(M) legislator from Kasba, chosen to attack the Margi’s centre with thousands of cadres. Evepn-though the CBI probe was done, the result was very small.

Ananda Margis appealed to Mamata Banerjee!

The Margis appealed to Mamata Banerjee after she came to the power in 2011. The government again set up a probe commission on the issue and a set of new evidence created the possibility of some heavyweight CPI(M) leaders being summoned, in October 2013.

According to the panel sources, some documents allegedly showed that some important CPI(M) leaders of the Kasba- Jadhavpur area had a meeting on February 6, 1982, to discuss about Margis Kanti Ganguly, a former left minister, Sachin Sen, Somanath Chatterjee were reportedly present at the meeting.

Brutality on the difference of Ideologies!  

The CPI(M), which was leading a government that came into power five years earlier, started it’s atrocious acts and bullied its ideologies on everyone in the state.

The first attack on the Marga camein 1967 in Parulia, five Margis killed, allegedly by the CPI(M) cadres.

In 1969, another Marga assembly was attacked in Cooch Behar North Bengal. In April, 1990, five Margis were killed in Purulia by CPI(M) cadres.

And, the left never regrets!       

The left in this country are skilled in fooling people, in the name of ideology and goodwill.

The left showed no regret in committing those brutalities to attain it’s power and the position in politics.

No actions were taken and none solved the case! The government of Kolkata sets up commission of zero efficiency. Including, Mamata Banerjee turned to blind eye in issues done by CPI(M).

Shikha Mahajan