Andaman & Nicober police confirm that Christian missionary who got killed by Sentinelese tribe indeed violated the rules

Days ago a report hit the media that a missionary was killed by endangered Andaman island tribesmen. But it was half truth. Several media outlets including NDTV, which was caught spreading fake news in the past sang the same tone.

But no one said, in fact purposefully avoided to say that the US based Christian missionary named John Allen Chau had a visited the restricted Island with intention to convert the tribals to Christianity. Reports had even said that John Allen Chau was interested in converting the tribal people to Christianity.

The official statement by the Andaman & Nicober Police said that a missing report was filed after receiving an e-mail from US Consulate General and a detailed investigation was initiated. The report stated that John Allen Chau allegedly got killed at North Sentinel Island during his misguided adventure in the highly restricted area while trying to interact with the un-contacted people who have a history of vigorous rejection towards outsiders.

It should be noted that access to North Sentinel Island and its buffer zone is strictly restricted under Protection of Aboriginal Tribe (Regulation), 1956 and Regulations under the Indian Forest Act, 1927. Yet the Christian Missionary from US made an attempt to convert the tribal people.

“They started on November 14 around 8 PM for the North Sentinel Island and reached there by midnight. The next day, Chau moved to shore using his kayak which he got towed with the fishing boat. After dropping him the fishermen fixed their timings and place to meet each other between the shoreline and their high sea fishing area” said Dependra Pathak, DGP, Andaman and Nicobar Police.

But a website named persecution.org that reports crimes against Christians used this as an opportunity to spew venom against India. Even few of the media houses tried to portray that the missionary didn’t violate any of the rules.

Indian coast guard shot

North sentinel island google maps

A report said “The Indian government doesn’t include the Sentinelese in its census – in fact, it doesn’t venture on to the island at all. It’s counted its residents on the census based on photos taken from afar. In its first census on the island, taken in 1991, it estimated 117 people were living there. In 2011, it counted 15 people total”.

Hansika Raj