Angered for making the Sabarimala devotees sleep near dustbins, this is how the BJP chief Amit Shah warned the communist govt of Kerala

The communist Government of Kerala is crossing every limit in treating the Sabarimala devotees. The police are treating the devotees harshly and brutally. They are being forcefully evicted from the temple premises Water is being pumped on devotees in ‘nadappanthal’ and other places to prevent them from entering the shrine.
They are not being allowed to stay at the temple premises. Proper facilities are not available for the devotees. A devotee who starts from Nilakkal could only find food at Sannidhanam.

Some reports of flushing resting places for devotees and them having to spend nights next to pig droppings and dustbin are also making the rounds. Yesterday BJP General Secretary K Surendran was also jailed by the communist Government in Kottarakara sub-jail. He was manhandled by police of the state and was denied basic facilities. He was jailed for defying police orders regarding late entry at the Sabarimala Temple Complex when the temple premises were earlier being opened for devotees late also.

“The police have charged me under non-bailable sections. I am no criminal, nor do I have any cases against me. They did not let me sleep, nor was I allowed water or to take my medicines. The police even roughed up my ‘Irumudi kettu’ (a mandatory holy kit to be taken to the temple),” said Surendran to media before jailed by the police.

After witnessing the series of instances BJP President Amit Shah has today come heavily on Pinarayi Vijayan led Communist Government. In a series of tweets BJP President has torn apart the Communist Government. He said that the state government is treating Ayyappa devotees like Gulag prisoners.

He further said, “If several reports of flushing resting places for devotees and them having to spend nights next to pig droppings and dustbin are true, then Pinarayi Vijayan must realise that he can’t treat Ayyappa devotees like inmates of Gulag. We won’t let LDF crush people’s faith with impunity,”

The BJP President also slammed the Communist Government for arresting the BJP Thrissur district president K Surendran and said that if he thinks by doing such things he can stop people and us in our fight for the movement to preserve Sabarimala then he is completely mistaken

“If Pinarayi Vijayan thinks he can rise against people’s movement to preserve Sabarimala by arresting K Surendran, our Thrissur district president and 6 others, then he is mistaken. We stand firmly with every Ayyappa devotee, who holds the Sabarimala tradition close to his heart,” Shah said to media.

The BJP President has termed the condition of state as totally disappointing and assured that his party stands firmly with every Ayyappa devotee who holds the Sabarimala tradition close to his heart. Earlier also BJP President has assured his support to the devotees and the party till then is standing like a rock with the devotees
Yesterday the Kerala High Court has also slammed the Communist Government for excess use of power at Sabarimala by the state police. The bench asked the police not to implement the Supreme Court verdict violently on the devotees.

At this stage, the state is completely witnessing the “Jungle Raaj”. It is shame on the communist Government for using the verdict for fulfilling their own political motives.

Source : Mynation

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