Angry Indians ripped apart the District Majistrate who said, it was wrong to enter a Muslim dominated area by chanting Pakistan Murdabad!

By default, Hindus are considered as the culprits even though they are the victims at several cases. The same was going to happen in the case of Chandan Gupta but the fire brand CM Yogi Adityanath didn’t let it to happen.

“These days, a strange trend of visiting Muslim-dominated localities and shouting anti-Pakistani slogans has started. Are they Pakistanis? The same thing happened in Bareilly. Why don’t we raise anti-China slogans when the fact is that China is a bigger enemy than Pakistan”.

This was the statement made by the 59 year old district magistrate of Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly on his Facebook wall.

So according to him, shouting anti-Pakistani slogans is provocative? Is the District Magistrate trying to say that Muslims are anti-India? This statement was just foolish and a bizarre statement. The DM made all attempts to portray that Chandan Gupta was the real culprit. If fluttering the Tri-colour and chanting  Vande Mataram is provocative, then Pakistan Zindabad is a patriotic gesture?

The Indians were already depressed after the death of patriotic Chandan Gupta and few demanded to designate “Martyr” status to him. But they went really enraged after the comment made by Bareilly DM, that’s why the angry Indians just ripped him apart.

This is how the Bareilly DM made an U-turn after hurting Hindus!

  • But it appears that many found the post objectionable and were hurt by it. My intention was not to hurt anyone. It’s our administrative and moral duty to improve the communal atmosphere.
  • Muslims are our brothers… Our blood. We have the same DNA. We could not bring them back. We will discuss this later. The sooner we understand the concepts of integration and harmony, the better it will be for our country, state and our district.
  • There is no doubt that Pakistan is our enemy but Muslims are our own. I want that the controversy should end here. I do apologise if our friends and brothers are pained because of me.

Actions must be taken against Bareilly DM!

  • Bareilly DM writes a post criticizing Hindus who enter “Muslim areas” as if Muslim majority localities are no-go zone for Hindus. Does that mean Muslim should not enter Hindu areas? Such DM must be dismissed and put under probe. Can governance be put under such babus?

There is no such thing called Muslim area! Indians have got Independence and each and every Indian can travel anywhere in India!

  • Yes, we will finish them all who creates new Pakistan within the country. What is Muslim area? Have we not given them a separate area in 1947?

 Bareilly DM is a “Mujahid” (one who fights for Islam)! Do you know who said this?

“Singh’s post on Facebook made me realise if secular people like him come forward, we can maintain communal harmony in the country. Our DM has showed strength by speaking the truth in a communal-sensitive atmosphere. I consider him a mujahid (one who fights for Islam)”.

This was the statement made by a prominent Sunni Barelvi cleric, Maulana Tauqeer Raza Khan.

“Bareilly DM, if there is any doubt on whose side he is batting, in a news item, TOI, Barelvi cleric, Raza Khan, praised DM (Raghvendra Singh), called him “mujahid”,and said he has done the work of a ” jehadi” against injustice”, said a Twitterati.

Hansika Raj