Anna Hazare comes to Karnataka for some reason, check how this foolish journalist misinterpreted facts!

These days journalists seems to do more PR job to certain politicians than journalism.  Especially after Modi government took over in 2014, few journalists have missed privileges given by their favourite parties which have made them very restless.

While the main stream media has completely lost relevance due to their lies and emergence of social media, many journalists have turned jobless and are mostly spending time on Twitter and Facebook spewing venom against politicians and people they don’t like. They have stooped to such low that they have made an habit of abusing anyone who questions them. They haven’t spared their own colleagues and friends in the process of protecting their pseudo secular gang.

One such example: Abusing Arnab Goswami. BTW he is writer in THE WIRE!!

Nikhil Wagle is one such “Journalist” who has more time to spend on Twitter spreading fake news and false propaganda. Yesterday, this person Nikhil Wagle tweeted a picture of Anna Hazare waving at a crowd in Karnataka and said that he was drawing more crowds and will be starting his fast from March 23 against the central government for Lokpal Bill.

But Nikhil Wagle neither verified facts nor had any knowledge about Karnataka and blatantly lied that Anna Hazare attracted huge crowds. The fact is these people did not gather for Anna Hazare but gathered to attend a temple festival which takes place every year in Koppal district of Karnataka. This is named as Koppal Jatre or the Gavi Siddeshawara jatre in which lakhs of people attend the annual festival.

Anna Hazare had come to the festival and to take the blessing of the Mutt head, Sri Abhinava Gavisiddeshwar Swamiji and not to gather crowd or give speech. At the same time, the Red Cross Association and a local NGO had requested Anna Hazare to support their cause to declare a day as National Blood Donors Day. The association had started a letter campaign, during which Anna Hazare also wrote a letter to Prime Minister Modi and posted it.

This is the real story behind Anna Hazare waving to the crowd. But people like Nikhil Wagle who look for opportunities to spread fake and false news just to oppose Modi government should understand people are no fools and do not believe everything what main stream media says.

Check the last year’s crowd!

At last Nikhil Wagle had to apologize for his foolish tweet! 

This is not the first time Nikhil Wagle has been caught lying. Yesterday too, he spread fake news about Mumbai violence saying that police lathi-charged students during protest, while many video uploaded by commuters showed there was no lathi charge or tension in the area.

It is better to remind these journalists that Social media will bust their lies within no time and shame them in public.

Aishwarya S