Anna Hazare makes a scathing attack on Arvind Kejriwal in an explosive letter – read the original letter here

Anti-graft crusader Anna Hazare has wrote an explosive letter to Arvind Kejriwal, castigating him for “not fulfilling the promise” of putting his party’s donors list in public domain, at a time when the AAP has been questioning the Congress and BJP over their source of funding. In a letter to Kejriwal dated December 23 the veteran activist, took a dig at the Delhi chief minister and said if change has to be brought into the system, then the leadership should “walk the talk”.

For the betterment of country and the society, I kept aside several important works related to people in Maharashtra and gave you my time without any selfish interest and dreamt big for the country. But you have shattered my dream,” Hazare, who launched an anti-graft crusade, said. Anna Hazare also criticized Kerjriwal over the way his party is functioning and losing the motto for which it was formed. Reminding Arvind Kejriwal about the idea of Swaraj, Anna Hazare further goes on to ask him to introspect if the Aam Aadmi Party continues to run in the same way, will there be any difference between AAP and other political parties of India.

Anna Hazare has slammed Kejriwal for removing the list of donors from the website and not updating the list of donors and expenses. Before Anna Hazare, an ex-AAP leader Mayank Gandhi had also exposed Kejriwal’s fraud regarding the funds of his party. Since last two years, the party has not only removed the list but has also not given account of its funding and expenses. Anna Hazare also referred to a letter written to him by Munish Raizada, a US-based medico and suspended AAP member, pointing out that donors’ records have gone off the party website since June 2016. Raizada also launched ‘no chanda’ satyagraha at Raj Ghat on Saturday to make people aware of frauds going in AAP funding.

“You made several promises, which includes putting the donations received by the AAP on the party website. The talks of social change, which we espoused, are fading and politics and money are becoming important. The sense of humility is also fading. Or else, you would not have taken off the names of people from your website who gave donations to the party during trying times,” Hazare said.

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Kshitij Mohan