Another act of brutality!!! BJP’s General Secretary in Karnataka hacked to death but no nation wide outrage

After Kerala and West Bengal, its now the turn of Karnataka, deaths and murders are being a usual routine and none talking or taking measures on it. No outrage over this because he works for BJP, Imagine a Muslim worker of Congress or TMC or Left getting killed in BJP ruled state??

BJP General Secretary for Chikkamagaluru district in Karnataka, Mohammed Anwar, was hacked to death on Friday evening. Anwar was on his way to a friend’s home when some men riding on motorbikes attacked him with lethal weapons.

Meanwhile, I will request the award Wapsi gang, Prakash Rai and Jignesh Mevani to have candle light to protest against this murder, similar to what they did to condemn Gauri Lankesh murder. Complete silence from Congress media brigade and self-acclaimed progressive people. It’s clear they are least concerned about the victim even if he is a Muslim, their target is just BJP and only BJP!!

BJP MP Shobha Karandlaje took to Twitter and condemned the death of the worker. She wrote:

Bjp general secretary of Chickmagalur Sri Anwar is killed by bike borne fundamentalists. He already had threat from local fundamental goondas. Highly condemnable!! Called S P Chickmagalur & requested to arrest culprits immediately!!!where is karnataka heading to??

According to reports by Republic, The police recovered his body from the street and an immediate complaint was lodged in Basavanahalli police station. The Police informed that the matter is under serious investigation. Kabir, the brother of deceased worker made a shocking statement by calling the murder ‘pre-planned’.

“The murder was pre-planned. It was done by Yusuf and his gang. They had personal animosity against my brother. There was an attempt to murder him earlier and he too had registered a complaint against them. I request the police to arrest them at the earliest”, he said.

BJP MLA C.T Ravi has also expressed his condolences saying this: 

Shocked to learn about the gruesome murder of BJP4Chikmagalur General Secretary Sri Anwar. I strongly condemn this barbaric act & demand quick action against his Killers. I pray for His Soul and offer my deepest condolences to His Family.

Earlier in June, the body of a BJP worker, Dulal Kumar, who went missing on 1st of June, was found hanging from a pole in Balarampur of Purulia district. This comes a week after the body of another BJP activist, Trilochan Mahato, was found hanging from a tree in the same district on 30th of May.

They are now killing anybody whoever is associated with BJP Party, no matter he is right or wrong!! Will Karnataka also turn to be West Bengal and Kerala soon?? Hey Candle Marchers, Liberals, Intellects, Celebrities and Bollywood gangs, common let us oppose and condemn this murder.

It is the result of Congress SDPI and PFI alliance in Karnataka, that any Muslim who stands with the nationalistic forces will be killed by radical Muslims only!!Do News Channels follow any kind of Standard operating procedures that RSS/BJP workers name, religion or even murder doesn’t even get considered for reporting whether its BJP or Non BJP State?

Where are the media houses now?? Seems that maintaining democracy and law is sole responsibility of BJP, others can work as they like!! It is Shameful, HD Kumaraswamy government is becoming a group of like ISIS terrorist organization. On this issue, the BJP is also in the midst of questions. Because their workers are constantly being killed, and they are just doing nothing other than condemning it!!

Source: Republic World