Another act of unparalleled bravery by our soldiers but this time not on the border

Vinayak Jain

 Our soldiers are the backbone of our country in more ways than one. They risk & sacrifice their lives, & put the safety of the common Indian above the security of their own families. They are the ones to bear the brunt of pathetic political decisions like during the 1962 Indo-China War. And even then, they continue to serve the country. The following incident is not from the border, but from a village in Shimla.

Kamini, 23, a pregnant resident of Bhont Village in Shimla, experienced labour pain around 5:30 pm on the 9th of January. But it wasn’t possible for the ambulance to reach her. This news reached six jawans of the Shimla Police from Bharari Police Lines. Instead of letting the inevitable happen, the six jawans carried Kamini to the hospital on their shoulders! They walked in the snow for three & a half hours & reached Kamla Nehru Hospital at 9:30 pm after covering a distance of 10 km on foot!

Media Ignorance

The mainstream media hasn’t covered this, as has always been the case. They are most ignorant to the everyday deeds of our soldiers. The sad part is that this act will remain to go unnoticed, & the names of these six selfless jawans will never everbe known to the common Indian.

In our country, an actor is termed ‘brave’ more often than a soldier. In our country, a celeb seen on a drive with his girlfriend makes for news, but this doesn’t.We see posters & hoardings of almost everything around us, but have we ever seen the same dedicated to our martyrs? I don’t think so. As a people, why are we so indifferent toward those who risk their lives for us every single day?

It’s true that the media shows only that which is in demand or will gain viewership. But I think the media is capable of setting a trend, & if they begin to dedicate a separate segment to these everyday acts of our soldiers, I am confident that people will start watching it diligently.

We as a people have seen many wars, & we know what it is like to be in that situation. We can appreciate the sacrifices of our soldiers…the only thing is we need to be jolted out of this indifference toward our brave soldiers.

They take bullets on the border, & they rescue people in floods. They fight Maoists in jungles, & they carry the ailing to the hospital. They fight off rioters, & they work for world peace in other nations. They are the real heroes for every Indian, & it’s our duty to recognize & applaud their efforts in keeping us safe. Jai Hind!


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