Another conflict emerges between the Congress and JD (S) in Karnataka! CM Kumaraswamy wants to sort it out by meeting Rahul Gandhi, the man who asked Indians to sell lemonade

Mutual understanding is a must in any relationship. The century old Congress party and former PM Devegowda’s JD (S) has entered into a relationship of forming a collation government in Karnataka. God alone knows why they decided to form a government even after the voters of Karnataka had totally slammed these two political parties.

Right from the day the Kumaraswamy government came into existence, the people of Karnataka started praying for another assembly election to take place so that they can give a clear majority to the Bharatiya Janata Party.

U-turn from the promises!

During the election campaign, Mr Kumaraswamy had said that he will waive off all the loan of farmers in just 24 hours after coming to power. But as soon as he came to power, he gave no indications to do so. But when BJP under the leadership of Mr BS Yeddyurappa intensified its protest, CM Kumarasway said he’ll waive off the loan within 15 days. But now the 15 day time limit is over but the good days for farmers is yet to come.

Nearly 10 farmers had committed suicide since the Kumaraswamy government had come to power. The government gave yet another blow to the farmers who are already suffering from the loans they had borrowed. Yes, the Kumaraswamy government had decreased the milk procurement charge given to the farmers by Rs 2.

Isn’t this shocking. Wait, there’s another shocking thing. From day one the Congress and JD (S) leaders are fighting for portfolios and now yet another fight has broken out between the parties that are ruling Karnataka.

What is the new conflict between the ruling Congress and JD (S) in Karnataka?

A conflict has broken out on tabling of a new full fledged budget for 2018-19. Yes, the Congress is saying that a fresh budget is not required whereas the JD (S) is sticking on its claims of making a fresh budget. The Congress party wants just a supplementary budget.

So to sort out the issue, the new chief minister Kumaraswamy wants to meet Rahul Gandhi and sort this out. Yes, he wants to meet Rahul Gandhi, then man who was previously mocking pakoda sellers and yet urged his followers to sell lemonade.

Former CM Siddaramaiah who had lost one of the two contested constituencies stated “Budget has already been tabled. It is a full-fledged budget only. That’s why we had taken vote on accounts for four months. It will be there till July end. All the ongoing programmes and new programmes announced in the budget will continue”.

“Whenever a new government comes to power, it needs to demonstrate what its goals are. We cannot limit ourselves to presenting supplementary budget because there are many challenges before the government” Mr Siddaramaiah added.

CM Kumaraswamy says he’s uncomfortable! Here’s why

  • Today Janata Dal(S) and Congress have formed a coalition government. Usually when a new government comes to power, its duty is to present the best budget and send our message to people through it,
  • I am not uncomfortable with my coalition government but I have become uncomfortable for my media friends.”
  • Let us assume that there is a threat to the government as you are speculating but at least nobody can touch (this government) till the parliament elections. This is what I had said (yesterday).
  • After the Congress decided to retain this governmentfor five years, it is their wish to run this coalitiongovernment not just for five years but for 10 to 15 years, just as Congress and Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) ran the coalition government in Maharashtra.

Said CM HD Kumaraswamy.

Hansika Raj


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