Another defence scam under UPA unfolds, Congress deliberately jacked up prices of Spanish aircraft to make US aircraft look cheaper, who got kickbacks?

‘You name it and we have it’ is probably the motto of Congress in corruption. Not one field can we find where there was no scam under the Congress government. The period from 2004-2014 was a disaster for the growth of India under Sonia Gandhi and her puppet Prime Minister.

Under Rajiv Gandhi it was bofors, under his wife it is Agusta Westland and now Spanish aircraft loot has been unearthed by the CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General) which shows how the Congress literally functioned against the country for 10 years.

In 2009, the Congress government had purchased eight P-8I Poseidon Long Range Maritime Patrol from US. The P8-I, are militarised version of the Boeing 737 commercial jet, and is the mainstay of the Indian Navys long-range maritime patrol fleet. It can carry sonabuoys to detect, track and destroy submarines and air-to-surface missiles to target warships. The Congress had spent $2.1 Billion of this purchase but however the CAG in its report said the $641.26 million offset agreement which concluded in 2009 had not yet been fufilled.

The CAG said that the MoD enhanced the financial bid of EADS CASA of Spain to cater for 20 years product support cost while ignoring this element in respect of M/s Boeing, USA.

Which means, though the Spanish company EADS CASA had given a much reasonable price for the aircraft, but the Congress government deliberately jacked up the prices of Spanish aircraft by falsely including 20 years maintenance cost. The support package was included in Boeing aircraft of America and it was much expensive than the Spanish aircraft with same specifications.

In 2009, the contract was concluded with a rate of 2,135 Million. But on a later date, the Boeing company offered the product with a new negotiable contract but reduced the quality and rank of the aircraft as L1 turned out to be incorrect. So, the aircraft which were procured did not have the required RADAR coverage requirements for our Navy.

Owing to capability limitations of radars installed onboard, the aircraft is not able to achieve the envisaged coverage area requirements, the report said. Contracts for torpedoes and depth charges, the P-8Is primary offensive weapons against submarines had yet to be concluded and therefore, the ASW capability of the aircraft could not be fully met. (India Today Report)

The MoD had procured sonobuoys in limited numbers sufficient only for one year instead of three, and not the advanced longer-range version as recommended by the Indian Naval Tactical Evolution Group (INTEG). Sonobuoys, air-dropped devices that float on the water and transmit the location of submarines to the ASW aircraft (India Today Report).

So, the Congress compromised on the quality and bought aircraft which did not meet requirements of the Navy specifications. The CAG lambasted the previous Defence Minister saying if terms and conditions were followed, India could have bought A319 Aircraft of Spanish company which was superior in quality with much lower cost.

The CAG says that the MoD concluded a $641.26 million (Rs 3,127.43 crore) offset contract with Boeing, USA. Under the MoDs offset policy on capital procurement, an OEM has to buy defence-related products worth 30 per cent of the value of the contract, from the customers market. In this case, the offset obligations which were to be fulfilled by August 2016 or seven years from the date of contract signing, had not been done.

This is how the Congress worked against the country jeopardising the country’s security by providing substandard aircraft for Indian Navy. Surely there should be obvious reasons why the Congress favoured US aircraft over Spanish Aircraft despite of them being much economical than Boeing. The question who benefited from this deal, who got kick backs from this deal? Will Sonia and Rahul Gandhi answer this ??

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