Another fatal blow to democracy but no nation wide outrage!!! BJP’s Dalit candidate in West Bengal panchayat elections hacked to death, do you know who did this?

Last day, we just informed you about how the TMC is using violence to win in panchayat elections. As per the reports, over 50 BJP workers have been assaulted and one nominee brutally injured. while BJP leaders were condemning this move, Mamata Banerjee government was all set to do attack nominees again. On Wednesday, one of the BJP nominees became the first martyr of the violence of the Bengal panchayat polls after he died following an attack in Bankura while on way to file his papers.

You just imagine, how this Mamata Banerjee government violating every constitutional value and just because to win the panchayat elections, the TMC goons are now ready to kill people? How fair is it?

As per the reports, two other incidents of guns being brandished were reported from other areas, prompting the opposition to accuse the ruling Trinamul of using terror tactics to ensure uncontested victories in most seats.

Because of these terror tactics of Mamata Government, one of the nominees from the BJP, Ajit Murmu died in hospital after being beaten up along with 20 of his supporters, allegedly by Trinamul activists, in Bankura’s Ranibandh.  Vivekananda Patra, another BJP leader said, “Murmu failed to file his nomination for a gram panchayat seat because of the attack.”

As telegraph reported, the Trinamool leaders blamed the attack on factionalism within the BJP, which described Murmu “as the first martyr of the 2018 rural polls”.

According to the reports, over 370km away in north Bengal’s Raiganj, youths with guns and crude bombs prowled the streets. Several channels showed footage of these youths, their faces covered with cloth, smashing shop doors and threatening people. Its really shocking that in West Bengal, youths are free to roam with guns and crude bombs! Is that some kind of Communist Administration system or is that another face of Mamata Government, pampering the terror tactics.

The BJP said,  “multiple gunshots were fired and bombs lobbed at some of its leaders and candidates on way to file nominations at the local block office. The youths were Trinamul-backed goons. The ruling party branded them “outsiders” brought by the saffron camp to foment trouble.” The BJP alleged TMC.

As per the source said, “In Birbhum’s Nanoor, over 250km from Raiganj, groups of youths – alleged supporters of Trinamul – were seen blocking entry points to the block office where nominations are to be filed. The men, their faces were covered with cloth, wielded bamboo sticks, rods, crude bombs and firearms. The ruling establishment admitted privately that the open use of firearms and the blatant intimidation was embarrassing..”

Sources claimed that “The leadership is not happy with the excesses, especially because thumping victories are guaranteed anyway. Most of these are a fallout of overzealous local units trying to ensure uncontested victories.”

According to the Telegraph reports, Trinamul sources said orders were being issued to maintain “restraint” till the April 9 nomination deadline. Numerous complaints of intimidation – such as the one this newspaper witnessed in Nanoor to prevent the Opposition from filing nominations – have been reported from across Birbhum since the filings started on Monday.

Ramkrishna Roy, the BJP’s Birbhum president alleged that “Trinamul workers with arms and bombs are blocking the way to block and sub-divisional offices. In Labhpur and Nanoor, they are openly carrying firearms. In other places, they have built a stockpile.”

“Our legal cell has filed an appeal at the Supreme Court for a fair and violence-free panchayat election in Bengal. Mamata had said she wanted an Opposition-free election and that is why her party leaders have unleashed violence on the Opposition. She tweets on every occasion, whey is she quiet now?” state BJP president Dilip Ghosh said on Wednesday.

It is said that “in Cooch Behar, clashes broke out between Trinamul two factions over nominations. Some journalists covering the incident near a block office in the north Bengal town were attacked by supporters of one of the camps. And, the Minister and Cooch Behar Trinamul president Rabindranath Ghosh visited the spot and publicly pulled up the local inspector-in-charge for not being able to maintain peace.”

Mamata Banerjee government is such a shame to the values of Democracy and one of the hypocrisy is, the same people elected her! Yes! She is democratically elected. But for what?!

Prithu Agnihotri