Another feather in the crown of RSS as top Congress leader praises the organization! Know what he said

Here’s another burnol moment for Congress party and RSS haters!! In a big embarrassment for Congress President, after former President Pranab Mukherjee now a top Congress leader has praised RSS citing the organization as an example of discipline.

In the countdown for upcoming Madhya Pradesh Elections, this praise also serves as major setback for Congress President as the top Congress leader Deepak Babaria who has praised the ideology of RSS hails from Madhya Pradesh. Deepak Babaria is a General Secretary in the All India Congress Committee.

The state Congress in-charge made this statement at an event in Vidisha yesterday when in-fighting broke out at an event he was attending. Disgusted with the scenes, top Congress leader ended up giving advice that his higher leadership may not appreciate. “Learn discipline from RSS, said Deepak Babaria. The top Congress leaders appealed the fighting Congress workers to stop and resolve their differences calmly. That is when he held up the example of the RSS.

Not only the leader has praised the RSS but when confronted by reporters again on his remarks he boldly accepted that there is no harm in praising if something is good. Deepak Babaria said ‘I saw “no harm” in citing the example of the RSS. If something is good about any organisation, then ‘there is no harm in appreciating it’.In order to soothen his remarks later he also added that I appreciated the way Pandit Nehru used RSS during the China war, due to their discipline.

This advice of following in the footsteps of RSS to party members might have not gone well along with the Congress President Rahul Gandhi who leaves no opportunity for defaming the RSS. RSS and its leader Mohan Bhagwat are the frequent targets of Rahul Gandhi. Even on Tuesday, while addressing a gathering, Rahul Gandhi used mass rape coverup to attack the RSS. He even went ahead and called RSS ‘anti women’, saying it never allowed women in its fold.

Rahul Gandhi had even gone to the extent of calling them Hindu extremists and had compared them to terror groups which had enraged the Sangh supporter’s big way. Rahul Gandhi is also facing a defamation case filed by RSS for dragging them in the Mahatma Gandhi assassination case. Obviously, for a party whose ideology depends on dynasty could not understand the patriotic values that RSS teaches.

Recently, Congress Party has also created huge controversy after former President of India and senior Congress leader Pranab Mukherjee accepted invite and attended an RSS event. Since the time, former President accepted accepted the invite for the valedictory function; the Congress party and its leader left no stone unturned to slam and questioned his move. The party went to such extent of lowness to disgrace the President that they even called him a dummy.

They say it’s better to accept things sooner or later. It’s good that the Congress leaders are realizing the importance and role of RSS in the development of nation, accepting it and also advising their party workers to follow the same path. Hope Congress President also realizes it sooner and stops defaming the organization for his political benefits.

Source : Republic World