Another Hitjob on Smriti Irani by Presstitutes Busted!!

Presstitutes seem to be obsessed with Smriti Irani. Wondering why are we saying that? Well, even after being shifted from a very important portfolio of HRD to that of “˜not so high profile”™ Textile Ministry, the number of hitjobs doesn”™t seem to go down- Explains the obsession of the Main stream Media with Smriti.

See how a media outlet “India Samvad” peddles lies against the Textile Minister in their report.

“”¦ Smriti Irani went to inspect the cottage industry operated by the Textile Ministry. During the visit, Irani purchased some expensive sarees and an idol. The total bill of the shopping turned out to be approximately Rs 8 lakh.
Thereafter, the personal staff of Irani sent the bill to be paid to textile secretary Rashmi Verma. Sources told that Secretary of the ministry denied making the payment to the showroom located in the cottage industry. Verma said that the sarees were purchased for Irani’s personal use and the government will not pay for it.

Smriti Irani was irked by the statement of Secretary Rashmi Verma. Irani said that as the minister of the department, she has every right to wear clothes being spun by the cottage industry which falls under Textile Ministry. She further asserted that paying the bill for the same should not be a problem.”


After this piece was published and shared on Social Media Platforms, Congress supporters were quick to take a jibe on Smriti Irani. Leading the pack was Congress spokie Priyanka Chaturvedi.


Abusive Journos like Rajdeep Sardesai and Swati Chaturvedi were next in line to the Congress spokesperson. These journalists tweeted against the Textile Minister without verifying the credibility of the story.

But their joy was short lived as the Cottage Industry Association, from where the sarees and idol were purportedly bought, issued a clarification.
Clarification by Cottage Industry Association
Ministry of Textiles tweeted the rejoinder.

But Twitter users were not amused. Lots of people tweeted asking Smriti Irani to take a legal action and sue the Media outlet for fabricating lies and defaming the Minister. Are you listening Madam Minister?