Another lie of Congress exposed by Amit Shah! This is how the Congress lawyer lied in the Court

They accused BJP of horse-trading while the corrupt Siddaramaiah has ended up purchasing the entire JDS stable! They accused BJP being “Threat for Democracy”, while the Congress is forcefully trying to take over in spite of gaining less votes than BJP. What form of Democracy is this? Why no mainstream media is questioning about this major stable-trading? Is this the beauty of our democracy? In spite of BJP having more seats in Karnataka, JDS and Congress formed government claiming a victory.

When BJP was given 15 days time to prove itself. Then Democracy is for sale, Democracy is being murdered, Governor is selling out democracy. When HD Kumaraswamy gets 15 days: Democracy restored, Democracy is alive, Governor is a true servant of the people. The shamelessness of Congress ecosystem deserves a book in itself.

Congress has falsely claimed that Yeddyurappa ji asked for 7 days, from the Governor, to prove majority. If it was the case, they should have asked for the letter for him. Congress lawyer lied in the Court: Amit Shah

BJP President Amit Shah today has said that, the claim made by Congress that  BS Yeddyurappa had asked for 7 days term from the Governor, to prove majority is not true. If it was the case, they should have asked for the letter for him. The Congress lawyer lied in the Court. The truth has been finally kept before the public.

Not only did they disrespect the mandate of people of Karnataka but they lied about the tapes. The Congress MLA who came forward, taking a stand for the truth needs to appreciated for his level of sincerity. His honesty has got back the dignity of BJP and yet again unveiled Congress.

The Congress, after Karnataka results, has at least developed faith in Supreme Court whose CJI they wanted to be impeached,  they have developed faith in EVM’s and democracy. Hope this faith continues even when Congress loses elections in the year 2019. Hopefully, they keep up the same faith and respect.

It was amusing to see Rahul Gandhi come out and claim victory when his party’s tally plummeted from 122 to 78, Siddaramaiah and 16 ministers lost their seats and they have been reduced to being doormat of the JDS, which won just 37 seats… I wonder what keeps him so delusional?

This joint alliance of Congress and JDS is turning worse day after day. They are losing the respect of people and this is getting a dirty twist with each decision. This decision by the two parties, is the actual disrespect of Indian judiciary.

None among the two parties will be the dominating party nor can rule the state. Each of them have conned people present in it. They will later come to know the pros and cons of this unholy alliance. Domination doesn’t come with power but comes with the love of the people: BJP President Amit Shah on Congress-JD(S) alliance