Another massive crackdown by Yogi Adityanath! 50,000 students out of 2,41,000 skipped the Madrasa Board exams on the very first day in Uttar Pradesh; Do you know why?

It’s Yogi Adityanath wave trending in Uttar Pradesh. From the bottom level to top everyone is under the scanner of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister. The fear of Yogi Adityanath is spread all around . After the largest board of Asia, UP board it is now the Madrasas of Uttar Pradesh that faced the heat of powerful actions of Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath.

On the very first day of Madrasa Board exams over 45,000 students – out of a total of 2,41,000 – skipped the exam in Uttar Pradesh, as the Yogi Adityanath government continues with its crackdown on cheating.The exams were being conducted under the gaze of CCTV for the first time in Uttar Pradesh.

More than 17,000 seminaries come under the Madarsa Board, which largely covers Muslim education from primary to college level. A total of 2,41,000 Madarsa Board students had registered themselves for the exams of munshi, maulvi, aalim, kamil and fajil this year.

This figure which was 45,000 on day one on April 17 when the board exams commenced has now risen upto 50000. According to registrar of the UP Madarsa Education Board, Rahul Gupta Around 2.73 lakh students had registered for these exams. Of this 52,000-55,000 students did take the exam on Thursday though information on the exact number of absentees is yet to be tabulated,”

In Lucknow, of 5,376 students who have enrolled, 1,115 and 512 students did not appeared during the first and second exams shift respectively. In the first shift, the exams for Munshi and Moulvi were held while in the second shift the exams for Alim, Kamil and Fazil courses were held.

In all, the UP Madarsa Education board has setup around 648 exam centres in UP, of which 54 are for female students. In Lucknow, the board has setup 11 examination centres.

The student drop out is being attributed to the state government’s order making online registration mandatory for all ‘madarsas’ in an effort to modernize their education and to bring them into the mainstream. Over 5,000 madrasa had pulled their back after the state government ordered them last year to enrol on an online portal launched to monitor the institutions.

State Minority Affairs Minister Mohsin Raza said that “The cheating ‘mafia’ had collapsed under Adityanath’s regime, That is why students who used unfair means had to skip the exams in big numbers,” he added.

On a surprise visit to a Madarsa Board exam centre, Raza found that a student appearing for the exam of fajil – equivalent to a postgraduate course – had not written a single word on his answer sheet, except his name.

When Raza asked him several questions, he was shocked to discover that the student had passed all the previous exams without any knowledge.

The same scenario was witnessed earlier this year when more than 1.8 lakh students were absent on first day of the UP Board examinations following the strict measures taken by the state government to curb copying.

A total of 66,37,018 students were registered to appear in this year’s UP Board exams. Last year, the overall pass percentage for Class 10 was recorded at 81.18 per cent and in Class 12, 82.62 per cent students were declared successful.

More than 60.61 lakh candidates – 3.4 million for Class 10 and 2.6 million for Class 12 – were registered for high school and intermediate exams in 2017. However, due to strict measures, 594,000 candidates left the exams and 1,862 examinees were caught copying.

After assuming power in 1993, SP leader and Akhilesh Yadav’s father Mulayam Singh Yadav had abolished the Anti-Copying Act introduced by the Bharatiya Janata Party government headed by Kalyan Singh in 1992 and ruined the education system and future generation of nation.The same was carry forwarded by his son and ex CM of UP  Akhilesh Yadav who believes in ideology of “Everyone cheats in exams, a little bit of it is not cheating”.

But Yogi Government has answered them back with a tight slap and made them clear that no one will be allowed to play with the education system and future generation of nation however harsh steps he has to take in this regard he will take . The open cheating prevalent during exams in UP board and Madrasas are finally put to an end by taking strict measures against copying and education mafia by CM Yogi Adityanath thus securing the future of nation.