Another massive shock to Congress in Karnataka! India’s most trusted election expert says BJP will get 120-131 seats

India’s most trusted election guru “Today’s Chanakya” which was the only agency that had nailed the 2014 Lok Sabha elections with its predictions, is once again in the business. Today’s Chanakya has said that BJP will clearly emerge as the single largest party in Karnataka state by securing seats anywhere between 120 to 131.

It has also said that Congress will end up securing seats between 73 to 84 only. It has also said that JD (S) will get seats between 26 to 33 and the others will secure between 3 to 6 seats.

Karnataka Elections 2018: Seat Projection BJP 120 ± 11 (Plus / Minus 11) Seats Congress 73 ± 11 (Plus / Minus 11) Seats JDS+ 26 ± 7 (Plus / Minus 7) Seats Others 3 ± 3 (Plus / Minus 3) Seats





Today’s Chanakya also says that BJP would double its vote shares when compared 2013 elections!

Yes, in 2013 elections the BJP had secured just 19.9 percent of votes due to several splits within BJP. But in the 2018 elections BJP will secure anywhere between 39 percent t 42 percentage of votes, said Today’s Chanakya. It also said that the Congress party will get between 36 percentage to 39 percentage of votes. Former PM Devegowda’s party will secure 18 percentage to 21 percentage of votes and others will disrupt the election by securing 7 to 10 percentage of votes.

Karnataka Elections 2018: Expected Vote% BJP 39% ± 3% Congress 36% ± 3% JDS+ 18% ± 3% Others 7% ± 3%


Times Now-VMR seat projection as per latest voter turnout data:

94 seats for BJP 97 seats for Congress 28 seats for JD(S)+ 3 seats for others




Region-wise seat share breakdown according to Times Now-VMR exit polls:

  • Central Karnataka: BJP 17, Congress 12, JD(S)+ 5, Others 1
  • Coastal Karnataka: BJP 8, Congress 13
  • Greater Bangalore: BJP 14, Congress 14, JD(S)+ 2
  • Hyderabad Karnataka: BJP 19, Congress 12
  • Mumbai Karnataka: BJP 23, Congress 26, JD(S)+ 1
  • Old Mysore: BJP 7, Congress 21, JD(S)+ 25, Other

Times Now Poll of Polls predicts:

  • 97 seats for BJP,
  • 91 seats for Congress,
  • 32 seats for JD(S)+ and,
  • 2 seats for others

C-Voter exit polls predicts:

  • 87-99 seats for Congress,
  • 97-109 seats for BJP and,
  • 21-30 seats for JD(S)+

Jan Ki Baat exit polls predicts:

  • 95-114 seats for BJP,
  • 73-82 seats for Congress,
  • 32-43 seats for JD(S)+ and,
  • 2-3 seats for other parties

How was the voters’s response on the polling day?

The polling had begun at 7 am at 58,546 polling stations in 222 seats, concluded at 6pm. The state’s capital city which is usually seen holding protest march when any kind of crime or scam hits the nation was literally sleeping on the election day as the voter turnout ratio in Bangalore was very poor.

However, Dakshina Kannada district’s voters showed special interest in the poll as the district had registered 77.63% polling. This was 3% more than the 2013 elections (74.48%) and 4% more than the 2008 elections (73.08%).

The senior deputy election commissioner Umesh Sinha said “I want to congratulate the voters of Karnataka. Till 6 pm, the voter turnout in the state was 70 per cent. Barring a few polling stations, voting has been completed at almost all”. He added “By the time we get the final figure, we will have a better turnout than the last election”.

“The total value of the seizure was Rs 186 crore, of which cash amounted to Rs 94.66 crore, besides liquor Rs 24.78 crore” said Mr Sinha.

Hansika Raj