Another MeToo case in Congress, Rahul Gandhi’s close aide and ‘gatekeeper’ of his Twitter handle, Nikhil Alva booked for harassing women!

Few months back, a lady in Rahul Gandhi’s core social media team had complained about sexual harassment by her colleague Chirag Patnaik, who had apparently sexually exploited her and harassed her. She had written a complaint  to Rahul Gandhi and IT cell head Ramya to take action against him for his behaviour.

She described her tenure in the Congress office as a nightmare of harassment. She claimed that she was sexually harassed by the person Chirag Patnaik for many months. She said she complained about his behavior to Divya Spandana on 14th May 2018, but Divya refused to hear her pain and diverted the topic. Divya Spandana also behaved very rudely with her and her arrogance made it more inconvenient for her to work in the office.

Rahul Gandhi and Ramya instead of taking action against the man, blamed the lady of being arrogant and threatened her to remain silent about the issue. After their insensitive behaviour, the lady launched a complaint with the police.

But now another incident of sexual harassment has propped up in Congress social media cell, where a lady has accused Rahul Gandhi’s close aide and gatekeeper of his twitter handle Nikhil Alva of sexual harassment. Nikhil Alva is none other than the son of former Rajasthan governor Margaret Alva and a very close aide of Sonia Gandhi. This lady has been well known for her connections with the Gandhi family and has been closely working with Sonia Gandhi since 2004. Between 2004 and 2009, she served as General Secretary of the All India Congress Committee and was an advisor to the Bureau of Parliamentary Studies & Training, a government body that works with newly elected parliamentary representatives at both national and state level.

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Margret Alva’s son was given the charge of handling Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter handle after which he is said to have been harassing a women by sending objectionable and vulgar mails to her. The 44-year-old woman has also accused police of delaying action on her complaint which was filed on December 4 and only now has been converted into a First Information Report (FIR). The FIR was lodged at DLF Phase-III police station.

In her police FIR, the complainant said, “Nikhil Alva has wilfully, deliberately, intentionally and maliciously posted emails on various groups with unwelcome sexual overtones using highly inappropriate and grossly offensive language despite a clear indication of disinterest from my side and advice to stop using loose expressions, obnoxious language in the emails.”

“Nikhil Alva, on various email groups of residents, which were created to act as an internal platform for discussions on various issues arising in the Lagoon Complex in which more than 343 members are part of, including me and Alva, has repeatedly, maliciously targeted me with an intent and motive to cast false and incorrect aspersions from last three years,” the complaint reads.

Given the support he had from Gandhi’ family, it is very much likely that the lady will be threatened just like how they did in Chirag Patnaik case and may silence her from speaking further. Rahul GAndhi who claims to take up women empowerment, has still not spoken a word of protest or assured any help for the lady.

This is really how the mighty and powerful can crush a common man’s voice just to secure their power and positions. It is no surprise that women in Congress face harassment on a daily basis, as their people show least respect for women. Not to forget, a kerala Congress leader had himself admitted that Congress women are given tickets in return of sexual favours.

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