Another Pakistani cheer leader found in Kashmir; Yasin Malik’s wife congratulates Pakistani cricketers!

If a person is a true patriotic then no matter in which corner of the world he stays, he will definitely show his patriotism.

This is what happening in Kashmir. A bunch a Pakistani patriotics are surviving in the valley on the Indian tax payers money. These have become a virus which functions against the development of Kashmir. They are several in numbers like Mirwaiz and Yasin Malik.

These have openly showed their hatred towards India. Recent one was witnessed when Pakistani Cricketers won against Indian cricket team. These anti-Nationals have inspired (negatively) many Kashmiris to support Pakistan and the recent addition to their brigade was Yasin Malik’s wife.

Many of today’s political leaders of Kashmir have killed their own kashmiri people (Pandits). Kashmir used to be a beautiful place where Hindus and Muslims used to live peacefully. But in 1947 Pakistanis wanted Kashmir to be a part of Pakistan so many Pakistanis joined hands with few Kashmiris and brought havocs in Kashmir. They knew as long as Hindus are not thrown out of Kashmir they will not achieve the agenda. Pakistan knew that a large Muslim majority of Kashmir can be radicalised and used as a tool against India

During 1989 -90 they persuaded the local Kashmiris to kill Hindus. People like Farooq Ahmed Dar aka (Bitta Karate) and Yasin Mallick and many others killed many Hindus and gave them warning to leave the valley. So there is no surprise in Yasin Malik’s wife supporting Pakistan.

In the video watch how Yasin Malik’s wife’s Mushaal Hussein Mullick congratulated the Pakistani Cricketers for winning the Championship’s trophy against India.

Does she deserve to stay in India?

Support the country you live in or live in the country you support.

Vikrant Raj