Another Record for Navsari: Gujarat”™s city gets LED streetlights in just four days.

The Prime Minister”™s birthday celebrations at Navsari made India”™s name shine by setting three world records. Adding more light to the occasion was another record of sorts by the Ministry of Power. In just four days, streetlights of Navsari were replaced with 7000 energy-efficient LED streetlights. The impossible task was made possible by the Ministry sending 150 teams of 1000 technicians. Union Minister Shri Piyush Goyal himself was in Navsari to oversee the completion of the work.

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Navsari”™s LED-lit streets are a snapshot of PM Narendra Modi”™s dream of an energy-efficient India that is becoming a reality with the Pradhan Mantri UJALA Yojana. In the coming days, other towns in the district like Gandevi, Bilimora, and Bijalpur will also be lit up with 5000 LED streetlights. The beauty of the UJALA programme is that it will not cost a single rupee to the municipal corporations and neither pose a burden on the taxpayers. The entire cost will be recovered through the savings as the streetlights will help save Rs. 30 lakh annually. With incandescent streetlights replaced with LED, there will be huge energy savings”” 7.4 lakh units of electricity will be saved every year. This is sufficient to light up 400 households for one year in the backward areas that cannot afford power.

Navsari”” the town that has spread India”™s light across the world with towering figures like Jamshedji Tata and Dadabhai Naoroji, will now shine brighter with the light of LEDs.


Arushi Bahuguna

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