Another Robert Vadra!!! Do you know what norms did Ex-President Pratibha Patil’s daughter violated?

It’s been more than three years into the tenure of the Modi government, and as he’d promised, he has virtually eliminated corruption at the Centre. Even the opposition haven’t been able to accuse the government of any misdoing. The funny aspect is that even now the scams that are coming to light are from the times when UPA ruled.

Not only were ministers and leaders of parties in the alliance given lavish benefits but even their family members reaped unfair rewards of their close ones being in power. One example is of former President Pratibha Patil’s daughter.

The Public Accounts Committee of the Maharashtra Legislature has gone on to criticise the then Congress-led government for not taking action in 2009 against a trust run by Pratibha Patil’s daughter Jyoti Rathore. The PAC said that the trust violated certain norms and yet the Congress government took no action against it.

“In 2009, the trust was given 47,300 sq.m. land for construction of buildings for primary and secondary school in the Pune district. Another 32,000 sq.m. land was given for playground with an annual rent of Rs. 1. However, the trust did not deposit the requisite 25% amount of the capital expenditure in the bank,” the PAC said.

The construction was supposed to be completed in three years, but it was not done even in June 2017. The PAC wanted an answer as to why the land was not taken back from the trust.

This report was tabled in the recently-concluded session of the legislature. It said that no action was taken against Jyoti Rathore’s Maharashtra Mahila Udyam Trust which had failed to complete the construction of a school building for which it had received government land.

If this is not another case of corruption by the Congress government, then what is? Although the fact is that the nation is by now quite used to such ill deeds of the Congress. What might be more unfortunate is that Pratibha Patil was the president of the country during the very period when her daughter was blatantly flouting norms. But then again, she’s herself been known to enjoy unreasonable perks even after her term as the president.

Source: http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-national/tp-otherstates/pac-raps-concession-to-patils-daughter/article19506304.ece

Vinayak Jain