Another threat to PM Modi’s life? UFO sighted near PM Modi’s residence and the police say “More details cannot be shared keeping security reasons in mind”!

It seems like the life of Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi is in serious threat. Days ago, the cops had unearthed how the Naxals, who had deep political connections, wanted to assassinate PM Modi. But a recent development that has taken place has disturbed the entire nation along with the security personnel of PM Modi.

On June 7th, there was report of sighting of a round “unidentified flying object” hovering over the Prime Minister’s residence on New Delhi’s Lok Kalyan Marg and soon the security officials went on a high alert around the official residence of PM Modi.

“The sighting was reported but nothing threatening was found. More details cannot be shared keeping security reasons in mind” said Delhi police chief spokesperson Dependra Pathak.

Who saw the UFO for the first time? What did he say?

The officer who first stopped the UFO didn’t want his identity to get revealed. “It was around 7.30 pm when the PM’s security unit of Delhi Police and the Delhi airport operations control centre, which comprises staff from the air force, Central Industrial Security Force and Delhi International Airport Ltd, received information about the sighting by Special Protection Group (SPG) personnel” said the security officer.

Immediately the news was passed on to the Intelligence Bureau and National Security Guards. Even the Delhi Air Traffic Control (ATC) was put on high alert.

The officer also narrated how the additional force was deployed. He stated, “The Delhi Police was also roped in, which ensured a temporary additional deployment on the outer periphery of the PM’s residence, while other security agencies performed the drill to hunt the suspected threat down”.

This was not the first time when such kind of incidents were reported!

Yes, this was not the first time. A year ago, on September 17, 2017 a suspicious incident had taken place when the Delhi police security control room was brought to the notice of the drone that was seen around the Parliament area. But the object was not captured in ATC’s radar as it cannot capture tiny objects. But few days later, the Delhi Police control room informed ATC that a drone was spotted over a hospital. But when searched, there was no clue of it.

This incident is really shocking because Prime Minister Modi’s residence comes under a no-fly zone. A no-fly zone is a territory or an area over which aircraft are not permitted to fly. Including PM Modi’s residence there are few more locations that come under no-fly zone such as The Taj Mahal, the Rashtrapati Bhavan, the Parliament Building, the airspace around many Defence and Indian Air Force bases, the Tower of Silence- Mumbai, Mathura Refinery, Tirupati Tirumala Andhra Pradesh and Bhabha Atomic Research Centre.

Why there are fly zones in India? What are its major purpose?

  • Security of a particular area.
  • Security of a particular structure.
  • Security of particular group of people.

As 2019 Lok Sabha elections are approaching and there are not even a single corruption charges against PM Modi, it has become impossible to uproot PM Modi. That’s why Naxals and other anti-nationals are behind PM Modi’s life.

Source: Hindustantimes.com


Hansika Raj