Another video of Rahul Gandhi goes viral! He says, there are no pilots nowadays and the pilots call themselves as pilots but they are actually not, the plane runs all by itself

Rahul Gandhi is inching closer towards bagging the title “star campaigner of BJP”. There is not even a single election rally where Rahul Gandhi’s words have backfired. The new edition to this is his Singapore tour where he has done nearly a dozen of blunders, needless to say that all are hilarious.

In a new video that is going viral, during an interacting session at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, at the National University of Singapore, Rahul Gandhi has made a hilarious claim.

Pilots are not pilots, they call themselves as pilots, claims Congress President Rahul Gandhi!

According to Mr Gandhi, a plane is not run by a pilot. It was during olden days but now, everything is automated. Rahul Gandhi adds that a pilot is seated just to make the passengers feel comfortable.

  • You had pilots earlier but now you don’t have pilots, they call themselves pilots but they are basically system managers. The plane is flying itself. They are sitting there because people need to feel comfortable that know that there is a pilot.

WATCH, the bizarre logic of Rahul Gandhi!

Even though Rahul Gandhi is from Congress party, he is an Indian and with his foolish logic, he is defaming the 1.31 billion talented Indians. In the video, Rahul Gandhi has clearly insulted the pilots. Mr Gandhi has claimed that the present day pilots are not the actual pilots. So, is he claiming that the pilots are not specialized in their assigned job? This is a defamatory remark and the pilot fraternity must file a defamation case against the motor-mouthed Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi is also seen defaming the doctors by saying “Health Care in 21st century is basically data. You got to move from a world of doctors to the world of data”. So, Rahul Gandhi is apparently caught saying that doctors are not required in the 21st century. Should we ignore this remark or condemn it?

An Indian mocked Rahul Gandhi with a special request to the airport and doctor’s association!

  • The great dynast and visionary, urges airlines to fire their pilots and hospitals to dismiss all doctors as these organisations don’t need such superfluous personnel.

Then why are the pilots appointed, Mr Rahul Gandhi?

  • So according to Rahul Gandhi, India’s first woman fighter pilot is not a pilot, she is just a system manager. During sorties, she can polish her nails while the aircraft flies itself.

In the same session, when a professor named P K Basu had asked a tough question to Rahul Gandhi saying, “Why is it that during the years of your family (Gandhi family) ruled India, India’s per capita income was growing less than the world average and yet in the years since your family relinquished the prime minister ship of India, India’s per capita income has grown substantially faster than the world average”, Rahul Gandhi could do nothing other than drink water nervously.

Mr Basu also slammed Rahul Gandhi on twitter saying, 

  • RaGa was bashing the nation outside India, claiming falsely that Kashmir is burning, minorities are threatened, etc. Reality is that RaGa met secretly with the Chinese ambassador (along with Robert Vadra) at the height of the Doklam confrontation. Gaddari runs in his blood!

Hansika Raj