Anti-national bigot spotted! Caravan Magazine journalist Ajaz Ashraf called the families of martyred CRPF jawans to know their caste; Only to attack patriots, Hindus and BJP using it

Forget caste, I didn’t even know that the soldiers in the Indian Armed Force belong to any religion. What I was thought was that only and only Indians can join and serve the nation in the armed force. But today a propaganda magazine named “The Caravan” which has a history of spreading fake news has claimed that the 49 CRPF Jawas who got martyred due to the attack by the “religion-less” terrorists are majorly from low-castes and the upper-caste Hindus doesn’t have the right to display their nationalism.

  • The Caravan says there is caste and religion in the Indian Armed Force

In a article tiled “Urban upper-castes driving Hindutva nationalism have little representation among Pulwama’s slain jawans” the propaganda website The Caravan speaks of the 40 of the 49 Jawans who got martyred initially and says “19 jawans from Other Backward Classes (or backward castes), seven from Scheduled Castes, five from Scheduled Tribes, four from upper-caste backgrounds, one high-caste Bengali, three Jat Sikhs, and one Muslim. So, only five out of the 40 jawans, or 12.5 percent, came from Hindu upper-caste backgrounds”.

This was an attempt to attack the patriotic Hindus and to create enmity between them. When the Indians irrespective of castes are demanding the destruction of Pakistan, this magazine is trying to create clash between Indians.

  • The Caravan says BJP is responsible for the different culture background of the Indian soldiers

When the entire nation chants in a single voice that there is no caste on religion in the men who guard the nation, here comes The Caravan to malign the Army and divide the unity of the Indians. Another bizarre point the author of the article Ajaz Ashraf does is that he goes on to blame the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for the caste and religion of the martyred Jawans in the Pulwama attack.

The author of the anti-national article says “The BJP has not spoken of the caste and class dimensions of those jawans who died in Pulwama. It is unlikely to do so—the party prefers to orchestrate the song of nationalism in the election year”. So this highly educated journalist wants BJP to hold a press conference and brief the castes of the jawans (when all the jawans belong to one caste)?

  • The Caravan says upper-caste Hindus doesn’t have the right to condemn anti-national acts

Nowhere in the article the communal author slams Jaish-e-Mohammed or the terror nation Pakistan or the terrorist Adil Ahmad Dar. But shamelessly mocks the nationalism of Hindus, especially that of the upper-caste Hindus. Yes, the author says “Underlying the feverish display of nationalism by the urban middle-class, comprised predominantly of upper-caste Indians, is an irony that few have paid attention to—the lower-caste poor account for most of the deaths”.

But the author smartly denied to shed light on the religion of the secular terrorist. The author cunning doesn’t mention the names and religion of the people who celebrated when the CRPF jawans were martyred. The author doesn’t mention the religion of the politician who said that he will give a job and Rs 1 crore to terrorists.

The author doesn’t even mention the religion of the men who burst crackers and celebrate when Pakistan wins over India in a cricket match. But he mentioned the castes and religion of the men who got martyred while saving the motherland.

Isn’t this an anti-national act?