Anti National pseudo liberals go desperate after they were badly exposed on Arundhati Roy!

On May 17th, Postcard news published an article on Arundhati Roy exposing her support to Pakistan and said even 70 lakh Indian army cannot stop Kashmiris fight for Azadi. The news was picked by various other websites. Just hours after the news went viral, Bollywood actor Paresh Rawal tweeted against Arundhati Roy saying  “instead of tying stone pelter, Ms Roy should be tied to the jeep.”

The lutyens media and terror sympathisers ran a malicious campaign against every Nationalistic website who exposed Arundhati Roy. The Wire, NDTV, IndiaToday, IndianExpress, Outlook India, Deccan Chronicle, DailyO, Network 18 called the news fake and maligned the Postcard publicly saying that we manufacture FAKE news without credible source.

Pakistan’s government official Radio channel published Arundhati Roy’s statement on 70 Lakh Army!

But just 2 days later, the Postcard gave them the MOST CREDIBLE PROOF showing the words of Arundhati Roy was quoted on the official Radio Website of the Pakistan Government. The anti Nationals who claimed we do FAKE news were shocked and had no answers. So, these people went bonkers with desperation and started to spread illogical article with no facts to attack us. Barkha Dutt, Ravish Kumar, Shashi Tharoor, Derek O Brien, Samjukta Basu, Nilanjana Roy, Sharad Sharma, Arun Nambiar shared this same article since they have been HIT HARD. Their real faces have been completely exposed by a small website with no political backing or no influence!



They are not able to counter the Nationalists with facts, so they indulging in mudslinging camapign. The social media has virtually destroyed the main stream media on their fake news which has made them completely jittery. They have no takers, no credibility and no TRP which is making them take desperate measures.