Anti-National sloganeering in the Sacred Golden temple of Amritsar on the occasion of 33rd operation Blue Star anniversary!

Shocking! Anti-national slogans were raised in the sacred Golden Temple of Amritsar by the Khalistani supporters today. Thousands of Sikh people had gathered in the golden temple in the remembrance of the 33rd Blue Star Operation Anniversary. Among them a few pro-Khalistanis started chanting the slogans of “Khalistan Zindabad” and all the others were the mute spectators to this anti-national activity. Chief Minister of Punjab, Amarinder Singh and the ruling Congress party acted mere spectators.

Khalistani Terror groups funded by western European countries and Canada have spread their network throughout Punjab and today’s anti-national sloganeering in the sacred Golden Temple in the broad daylight is the effect of it. According to the breaking news, Pakistan based Khalistani supporters are planning a terror attack in Punjab to create terror on the 33rd anniversary day of Blue star operation. The Union Ministry of Home Affairs has been alerted by a source that the nephew of Sikh Militancy Leader, Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, Lakhbir Singh Rode and his military group has supplied a bag full of hand grenades to the two terrorists based in India to create a terror in Punjab.

The ISI ideology has shaped the movement of Khalistani supporters into the hate for Hindus. History is the proof that the Hindus and Sikhs have always peacefully co-existed. There is a great similarity between the two religions as Sikhism was born out of Hinduism in the beginning of the 20th Century. But ISI has killed that love and peace between Hindus and Sikhs irrevocably. Today the Party responsible for the 1984 Blue Star Operation, Congress has been elected to rule in Punjab. This broad-minded forgiveness by the Khalistan affected Sikh people in Punjab might be linked to the Anti-Hindu stance of Congress. Ironically, Hindus and Hindu organizations like RSS have become the enemies of ISI influenced Khalistani supporters without any reason.

It is condemnable that the pro-Khalistanis used the sacred platform of the Golden Temple for their anti-national sloganeering among the thousands of people. It is the need of the time that the Government and the Temple authorities should also condemn this incident to boost the morale of nationalistic Sikhs of Punjab.

After the expose the culprit students of JNU chanting anti-national slogans in JNU, the politicians from Congress, CPM and AAP who stood in their support were exposed and condemned by Indians. This outbreak of Khalistani anti-national sloganeering should wake the country to raise the united voice against them.  The Intelligence Bureau should trace the illegal ISI funding for Khalistan Terrorism from abroad and dry up their financial source.

For these Pro-Khalistanis, Indian Army might be an enemy due to the operation Blue star. But the present menace of these Khalistanis can be finished by the Indian army alone. The way the ISI and Pakistan terrorists in Kashmir are being nabbed by our army day in day out, this Khalistan-ISI sponsored terror in Punjab should be put to complete stop by our army. Our Punjabi brothers and sisters deserve peace and development too.

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi




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