MUST READ! Did the Arab’s dangerous gang-rape game ‘Taharrush’, enter into India as well??

Have you ever heard of the word Taharrush? Not many people would know about the heinous practice of Taharrush. Taharrush in Egypt means harassment. Yes, it’s a game in which women are openly molested and raped by a group of men in public.

Taharrush is described as mass sexual assault on women in public by group of men. Although this practice existed since decades, it mainly gained criticism when it turned out to be a game for many molesters in Egypt, especially since 2005. This practice was usually seen during protests and festivals in , but later in 2012, the practice was rapidly spread to many Islamic countries where it became a game and a regular event in the crowded places.

Here the molesters gather in a circle or organize themselves into various groups and encircle the women. Assailants surround the woman while outer rings of men deter rescuers, the attackers pretend to be women rescuers and often create confusion to the women. Here women are groped, stripped, bitten, beaten, penetrated with fingers and raped in public. This is termed as the “CIRCLE OF HELL” in Egypt.

This brutal game was less known to the world until recently. First incident of women being assaulted by a group of men in public was reported from Cologne, Germany last year during New Year’s Eve. At first, the incident was neglected thinking that it was random crime, but the German Federal Crime Police who investigated many similar cases on New Year’s Eve later came to know they weren’t random but a planned assault on women. The Police had confirmed that it was the Arab rape gang which had molested women on New Year’s Eve. The police suspected that the refugees seeking asylum in Europe was mainly responsible for bringing this culture into Europe and now is being spread to all places in west.

Experts say that attackers are usually reflect a misogynist ideology and would do such things to teach women a lesson for stepping out of the house and terrorize them about the public life. There are over 14 different groups of molesters who use different methods to sexually assault women. The attacks last from few minutes to almost an hour, while the assaulters are aged between 20-30, the victims belong to all age till 70 yrs.

The plan is to first separate the girls from their friends and surround her, so she has no place to escape. The men then start groping her breasts, genitals and buttocks. The men try to strip her and pull her in all directions. Women are mostly found to complaint about digital penetration, use of sticks, knives, blades and many sharp objects. It is said that most of the men claim to be helping women calling them “sisters” are the ones who are mostly assaulters.

According to a 2008 survey by the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights, 83% of Egyptian women said they had experienced sexual harassment and 98% of foreigners had faced sexual assault while in Egypt. A 2013 study in Egypt by UN Women found that 99.3% of female respondents said they had been sexually harassed.

The biggest worry is, this brutal and heinous game is now being spread all over the world. After the first incident in Germany last year, women in Berlin, Hamburg, Bielefeld, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and Stuttgart also faced molestation’s on same day. Countries like UK, Greece, Austria and Switzerland have also reported to have faced similar incidents especially during New Year celebration.

Now, just consider the molestation which happened in Bangalore a week back on New Year’s Eve….Do you see any connection???

The way women were singled out and attacked by group of people is something very similar to Taharrush. Women in Bangalore reported they were groped, stripped and inappropriately touched everywhere. According to police, there were many groups which attacked them at the same time and particularly singled out women and encircled her.

These groups are impossible to control, the same thing happened in Bangalore as well. Most women said that men were uncontrollable and kept coming back even after they were chased by the police.

Take a look at this video….! (WARNING: DISTURBING SCENES)

Now compare it with the Bangalore incident.


It is indeed a matter of worry and shocking that Bangalore which was considered to be the safest place has also been hit by this brutal act. Since 2014, such incidents have been reported in Bangalore on New Year’s Eve, but the police and the government have not taken it seriously and considered it as a random act of miscreants. India had never seen such incidents before. The residents of Kamanahalli where a women was molested said that assaulting had become very common recently.

But the fact is, the number of sexual assaults has gone up many times and every year the same pattern is being followed. The groups which attacked women in Bangalore formed circles and isolated girls from their friends and chased them on streets. This is a typical way of following Taharrush.

This is NO JOKE! Hope the government takes this issue seriously and prevents such incidents in future. If not, India will soon turn out to be no less than any ISIS country.

Aishwarya S


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