Are the lives of our ISRO scientists in danger? Should they be protected from Trojan Horses?

These are the days where Indians are speaking less about Bollywood reel heroes and discussing more about real heroes. It is the time Indians are realizing that this country is what is today not because of Bolllywood or lobbies but because of those people who sacrifice their lives for us at the border, those who sacrifice their personal life so we get better tomorrow.

September 7th 2019 1.50 AM is a day that no Indian can ever forget. It was a proud day for India as our scientists showcased the world the power of our country. The Chandrayan2 launched by ISRO was to land on moon on the same day. Though, there were few hiccups in the mission when Vikram Lander lost contact with orbiter, the entire country felt proud of our scientists who made the entire mission 99% successful.

While the Prime Minister of the country gave a shoulder to the ISRO chief on behalf of 130 Billion people and cheering their unparalleled effort, there were few Trojans Horses who wanted to use the situation to mock our scientists and country. Those people who had not even flown a paper rocket in their life started questioning the ability of our scientists.

Obviously when it comes to mocking India, Indians or Hindus NDTV and Congress occupy the first position. This time it was NDTV’s Pallava Bagla who calls himself to be a journalists of Science, Technology, defence, nuclear and all big words associated with it, made a shameful gesture by asking stupid questions to ISRO chief. He was lambasted from every nook and corner of the country and his boss and the owner of NDTV James Prannoy Roy had to apologize for the stupidity caused.

But that was not the only stupidity committed by Pallava Bagla. He is now said to have posted the pictures of those ISRO scientists who were specifically involved in Chandrayan Mission on Getty Images along with their personal details, address and the work they were involved in.

This information was revealed by many people on Twitter few days back. Now, the question is on what basis did he or anyone put these pictures of scientists on Getty Images for sale?

Most of the time, the information of scientists who involve themselves in such missions are kept in at most secrecy as it involves country’s reputation, defence information, logistic data which can never be put at stake. But here is a man who has taken pictures of scientists and put them on getty images for sale which reveals their personal information, identity and what work they were involved in.

The reason this issue is being raised is because, since the time of Homi J Baba, India has seen many mysterious deaths of scientists who were specifically involved in Nuclear projects, Rocket Science and technology. Not long ago, Times of India had made an article on mysterious deaths of scientists in India between2009-2013. The article highlighted that there were 11 scientists who had died under questionable circumstance from 2009 to 2013. The shocking part was, all these scientists were either working on nuclear technology, rocket technology or related to missile technology.


No investigations were conducted and most of the cases were closed as suicides. Even today, the country doesn’t know the real reason for the death of Homi J Baba who was the father of Nuclear programs in India.

Let us not forget that one of the most pioneering work on Cryo rocket technology was stopped when scientist Nambi Narayan was trapped in fake case of espionage. This incident put a full stop to the Cryo Rocket Technology in India which otherwise would have made our country most powerful in terms of missiles. The fake case took away his career, took away the Indian future and destroyed the dream of millions of Indians.

All these above cases are not coincidental or accidental, but a well planned trap which were laid to stop the nuclear development in the country. When Pokhran was tested in 1998, it took the Vajpayee government all the efforts in the world to maintain secrecy and escape from the eyes of all the so called powerful Nations of the world and especially America.

So, it is not just a petty incident that the pictures of scientists were uploaded on a public domain. It is done to give information to someone who is very keen and who wants to know which is the team working, who are involved…..as someday it may become useful!

Just compare, do you get to see the pictures of NASA scientists who are involved in crucial missions? Do you get to see Israel Scientists pictures?! That is the level of secrecy they maintain. It is not just to protect country’s secrecy but also for the safety of their people. But who is responsible for the safety of our scientists????

It is not the first time that NDTV has given crucial information of the country, but even during 26/11, Pulwama attack, Kargil their journalists had shown absolute disregard to the country and for the lives of soldiers. Therefore there is every reason to believe that the images were put out as a deliberate attempt to help someone who is looking for them.

The responsibility to investigate who is that lies on the guardians of National Security!