Army Chief Bipin Rawat makes direct attack on people using social media to attack Indian army….Guess who those people are!

On the occasion of the Army Day, general Bipin Rawat honored many soldiers for their contribution to the Nation. In his speech he warned the Pakistanis not to provoke and test the patience of the Indian army which otherwise would resort to “other action”. He said if we are compelled to use force, we will do it.

He added “Pakistan Army has been continuously trying to help terrorists sneak into India along LoC in Jammu and Kashmir. We are using our might to teach them a lesson.” “We will keep effectively retaliating to any provocative action by Pakistan. If we are forced, then we may resort to ‘other action’ by stepping up military offensive.”

Apart from warning Pakistan, Bipin Rawat made a striking attack on those people who are using social media to attack the Indian army. This was the first time ever the Army Chief made direct reference to many so called peace keepers who are trying to malign Indian army in the human rights activists.

Although he did not mention anyone’s name, his warning came after a recent incident where an Indian website The Quint made an article on Kulbushan Jadhav calling him a RAW spy there by backing Pakistan’s fake claim. The article received huge criticism which made the The Quint to remove the article.

This is how Indian Website “The Quint” is helping Pakistan to hang Kulbhushan Jadhav

But this was not the first time The Quint was indulging itself in such foul play, but previously they had made a sting video of soldier which lead to his suicide. They had also backed terrorist Burhan Wani and blamed the Indian army for his death. So, The Quint was a habitual offender who used their media platform to spew venom against the Indian Army many times before.

Publicity hungry journalist abet army jawan to commit suicide, but lutyens media unite to protect the journalist!

Few days back, General Rawat had blamed social media and government schools in Jammu-Kashmir were spreading a “disinformation campaign” resulting in radicalisation of youths. He had called for “some control” over mosques and madrassas in the state and suggested a “major revamp” of the education system.

His words needs to be taken seriously as social media is posing the biggest threat to India with many radical elements using it to spread hatred. It was well known how army operations in Jammu Kashmir was interrupted by the locals using social media to protect terrorists. Cyber security must be enhanced and stringent action must be taken not only against radical elements but also against those who are hiding themselves wearing journalism and human rights activists masks within India.

Aishwarya S