What did Army Ex-Servicemen Tell Ajit Doval about Arvind Kejriwal??

In politics we see numerous people commenting on each other, giving opinions on different parties. Most of these people either do it for political mileage or just because they have to criticize their rival parties. But few people analyse based on facts and experience and give valid opinions.

Ajit Doval who is regarded as the master strategist and highly intelligent officer, generally never comments on individuals. But when he does, one must definitely give it a thought! The information and feedback he receives are of the highest order which can never be ignored.

Ajit Doval’s comment on Kejriwal came during an interaction session in Vidarbha Management Association when a person asked whether Kejriwal’s entry into politics will change the political discourse.

Ajit Doval without mincing words said, a person becomes a leader based on the trust and his capability to handles crisis. But Kejriwal seems to be a person who has no principles in life!

He also quotes an incident with his friend who happens to be in Indian Army and a well known defence expert who was also a supporter of the Aam Adami Party when it was initially launched.

But just after a year, his opinion about Kejrwal was “He is Simply a FRAUD!” He tells Kejriwal’s idea is not to work and to bring change, but rather enjoy power and keep attacking people posturing himself as the only righteous person. But truth is, he wants to create a situation and make people believe that Kejriwal is the only person who can stop BJP. He is trying to raise false hope that common people will be given chance in his party.

Ajit Doval clearly states any party or person can survive only when his actions are based on firm principles. You cannot survive in politics just by attacking others, so in a long term process AAP has a greater chance of complete decimation and it simply cannot be considered as a political alternative for BJP and Congress. Twenty years down the lane, one will not be able to picture AAP as a party which can lead the country or which has clear vision to take country forward.

Kejriwal’s utter failure in handling problem of Delhi, corruption, health crisis, his party men going to jail one after the other, sex scandals, women harassment and molestations are proving Ajit Doval’s every word about Kejriwal.  Kejriwal who used to chant the word CORRUPTION atleast 10-20 times before election, hasn’t even spoke about it once after his win.

Exactly why Ajit Doval analyses cannot be ignored, his words now make sense as to why he described Kejriwal as “MAN WHO CANNOT BE TRUSTED!”

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