Army Troops puncture Rahul Gandhi’s lies on Surgical Strike! Forget three, not even a single Surgical Strike was carried out during the UPA regime

In their desperate attempt to target PM Modi & his Government, Congress President Rahul Gandhi & his party leaders have always blamed PM Modi Government for boasting about the surgical strike for their political benefits. If that wasn’t sufficient they even questioned the authenticity of Surgical Strikes. Despite of releasing videos of Surgical Strikes and confirmation of it being carried out from various sources the Congress leaders doesn’t stop posing a question mark on it

Moreover they sometimes stoop so low that they brag that if it was carried out, it is nothing new. Even Surgical Strikes were conducted during the Congress era. Just two days back Congress President Rahul Gandhi during his Rajasthan rally claimed that there were three surgical strikes during the UPA regime but the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh kept it a secret on the request of the Army.

But according to report of Mynation, this claim of Congress President has been busted by Army troops themselves. Army troops that participated in 2011 Operation Ginger said that there was no involvement of Government at any level. The troops said that “The attack on a particular Pakistani position close to the border was carried out at a local level on the instructions of the then Army chief Gen VK Singh, without involving the defence ministry or the Prime Minister’s Office at any point of time”.

The troops also claimed that attacks done on Pakistan were not even an inch close to the surgical strikes carried out by the Modi government in September 2016 attacks on the Uri brigade. They said it was solely done by men close to the LoC on the Pakistani side, but neither the troop deployment nor the level of destruction was in par with Modi Government’s Surgical Strikes.

“After the Pakistanis carried out a BAT action against our troops, there were clear instructions from the then Army chief to carry out the attacks where certain members of the top secret spy team Technical Support Division (TSD) were also involved in the attack. The top secret spy team had prepared the explosives which were used for trapping Pakistani soldiers, who later came to retrieve the dead bodies of their fellow soldiers. But the commanders at different levels did not take permission from the government at the Centre to carry out the offensive,  , said Army sources who took part in the operations

The army sources further clarified before surgical strikes of 2016 there have not been any retaliation ever at such a large scale and level. They revealed that during Surgical Strikes (which went on for almost six hours in the night of September 28-29) troops have gunned down more than 35 Pakistani soldiers and terrorists whereas in the Op Ginger, the Indian side managed to kill eight Pakistani soldiers.

This is not the first time Congress false claim of carrying out surgical strikes has been busted. Earlier also it was revealed in RTI application that no surgical strike records are there of it being carried out before September 29, 2016.

Congress should have some shame that in order to fulfill their political ambitions they stoop so low that they insult the pride of nation. By resorting to such lies the Congress is doing no harm to PM Modi Government but is actually digging their own grave by hurting the sentiments of our brave soldiers who lay their lives for the nation

Source : Mynation



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