Did the Army Veteran Really Commit Suicide for OROP???

The police today morning arrested Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi and Delhi Dy CM Manish Sisodia for creating chaos and disrupting duty for police.

The Congress party along with party workers ramped into hospital creating high drama and noise for which the police had to detain him immediately.

Subedar Ram Kishan, a 70 year Ex-service man is said to have committed suicide. He had launched a political party and was involved in political activities. The congress party says that he committed suicide over OROP issue. This whole episode looks very suspicious as OROP has already been implemented and thousands of Ex-servicemen have received the benefits. The widows have also started receiving benefits since 6 months back.


So the congress seems to be politicizing an issue and linking it to the OROP to malign the Modi government.

Huge conspiracy has arised over the suicide, whether the man really committed suicide for OROP or pre-planned murder for political games. The family members have told the TIMESNOW that he was very happy man and had no issues, and had clearly said HE WILL BE BACK TO TOWN ON 1st NOVEMBER!

So what happened to him really??? Did he suddenly change his mind to kill himself or did someone played GAMES???




Read these tweets by an ARMY MAN!!!

One of the main reason Congress has indulged in dirty tricks is Modi had gained immense popularity and love from the soldiers fraternity and is being very much appreciated by the Indian Army. His every move to support soldiers, to send Diwali message to soldiers has brought great appreciation to him.  Congress and AAP who are desperate to spoil the impression have indulged in this filthy game.

Do these people remember that it was the same shameless Kejriwal and Congress party who ASKED for PROOF for SURGICAL STRIKE?? Do these people remember that it was KEJRIWAL who let GAJENDRA, to commit suicide right in front of him?? Do we remember that it was Congress party which did nothing about OROP for 45 years??

On what morality do these people question anyone??

Did one person visit the house of 19 soldiers who were killed in the URI attack? Did they visit the house of RamaShankar Yadav, police constable who was killed by SIMI terrorists?

Kejriwal shamelessly supported PAKISTAN in his tweet, what rights does he have to question others?

When Pakistan terrorists killed our soldiers, these pseudo seculars did not shed a drop of tear nor condemned the attack, but today they have come to show their fake love for soldiers! WHY??? Because they want to spread false perception among people and spoil the popularity of Modi among the soldiers.

For Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi SURGICAL STRIKES were FAKE, Killing SIMI terrorists were FAKE, killing ISHRAT JAHAN was FAKE, Killing Shahabudin was FAKE…. Why suddenly so much love towards one veteran??? They should be simply called PARACHUTE POLITICIANS or VULTURES  who land immediately to feast on dead people!!!

No matter how much or how many DRAMA do these secular parties do on TV, soldiers and people have seen what is ground reality and who really stood with soldiers.

Wait and Watch, the entire plot of Suicide or Murder will be revealed soon.

Aishwarya S