Arnab Goswami : ‘The CPM Stooges Had Broken My Camera, Smashed My Head Against the Wall’

Arnab Goswami probably had never revealed about his experience when he started his carrier 20 years back. But couple days back, when he gave his first interview to Dainik Bhaskar he opened a list of Pandora boxes which shocked everyone.

Arnab Goswami during his speech, said that he shouts because “In this country you are not heard if you do not shout”he shared his first experience as to how he was treated when he started his journey in media. Goswami goes to tell that during the 1996 elections, he had visited the CPM office to take the a small interview of Late Jyoti Basu. During which the political stooges of then CPM bosses had actually manhandled Arnab Goswami by snatching his camera, pushed him against the wall repeatedly and smashed his head against the wall….right in the entrance of the CPM office.

When Goswami returned back to his office and asked his boss to support him and as media we need to demand an apology from the CPM leaders, his boss had said in one line “Go fight your own battles”. He says he had challenged his boss that he will demand an apology and doesn’t matter if he has to sit on an hunger strike. Finally he had to sit on an hunger strike because no one supported him and only after few days he was given an written apology letter by the CPM leaders.

One thing is quite clear as to how media was 20 years back and how it is today. Few political parties used to treat journalists as beggars…the media wasn’t vibrant like now, so most of the wrong doings and misdeeds of the political parties was either never caught or was buried efficiently and exactly how many politicians survived even after committing numerous crimes and corruption.

Again, it’s not all media and journalists are honest today. Majority of the journalists have turned into PR agents of political parties. They do not represent journalism but have turned into arrogant political agents. The idea of neutral journalism is dead. The talent of investigative journalism is murdered and what is left is brain less motor mouths on TV who probably have no idea what they speak or what they report.

The reality of media today is, it has 2 factions…Lutyens and Non-lutyens. Only those on the side of lutyens faction survive in Delhi misreporting, spreading fake stories and supporting Anti National agendas in our own country. This is the biggest irony of the 4th pillar of democracy! This is exactly why Arnab Goswami could not survive in Delhi and had to moved to Mumbai TimesNow headquarters. But of course the tentacles of the lutyen clubs are so strong that he was thrown out of TimesNow for same reason that he supported Nationalists and not fake heroes like Kanhaiya Kumar!

Aishwarya S