Arnab Goswami all set to launch his new channel, final countdown begins!

Looks like the wait for an unbiased TV channel is about to end.

Arnab Goswami is all ready to launch REPUBLIC very soon. The final countdown has begun.

Arnab will be armed with not just himself but the well known patriots like Maj.Gaurav Arya, Minhaz Merchant, Anupam Kher to name a few.

It will be an absolute thrill to watch each of these accomplished men go after the anti-nationals and terrorist sympathisers and shred them to pieces.

While we are all eagerly waiting for the channel to launch,the paid media is having sleepless nights.

At this juncture they will do everything and anything to try to grab attention and sabotage Republic. The politicians who were running their mouths with absolutely no control over thoughts or tongue, on channels like NDTV, ever since Arnab had quit TimesNow will be now put back on leash and oh boy they would hate it .

Republic TV testing has started across India and the final countdown has begun, says Maj.Gaurav Arya.

From the looks of the picture in the tweet, CM Fadnavis might be the first guest on the channel. But of course it is our speculation.

Here is wishing Republic TV a grand success!

Rupa Murthy


Rupa Murthy

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